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Square Enix Testing the Waters for Dragon Quest 11 Localization

Dragon YES.


It's been four years since Dragon Quest X launched in Japan, and still it has not been localized for the West. However, the franchise's developers, speaking in a recent interview, said that they want to bring it over--but there are difficulties.

"We want to bring X over," producer Yu Miyake said. "We definitely would love to bring it over, it's just with Dragon Quest 10, aside from the immense amount of text involved in the localization, there's also the operational aspect to it, being an online game. Square Enix is doing Final Fantasy XIV [in the West] so there is that possibility. But it's just a huge challenge to bring that game over.

"But with Dragon Quest VII, we were able to bring it over because a lot of fans were asking for it, sending letters, asking for it to be released and localized. So with the other games I just mentioned, and Dragon Quest XI... If more fans can voice their opinions on it and we see that people really want the game, there may be a possibility we'll be able to make it."

He added that with the recent launches of Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Heroes, the team is hoping to reach more players through the use of different genres. The team hopes to build the player base and interest in the series in preparation for the launch of Dragon Quest XI, which will be a more traditional RPG. They are also hoping that fans who want localized versions of Dragon Quest games are more vocal, so they can legitimize the work going into localization.

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