Here's What That Controversial Destiny 2 Hunter Item Looks Like After Today's New Update

Have a look at the new Road Complex AA1 gauntlets.


Following a scheduled maintenance period today, Destiny 2 is back online, and a new update is now available. Among other things, it addresses the controversial item that featured a design associated with a hate group.

Bungie announced last week that it had discovered an item in Destiny 2 "share[d] elements with a hate symbol." It described this as unintentional and apologized, vowing to remove the item swiftly. It did now specify the name of the item, but fans quickly discovered that it was likely the Hunter's Road Complex AA1 gauntlets. A longer-than-expected maintenance period last week saw the item partially, but not completely removed--the actual in-game version was replaced, but the thumbnail and inventory view still showed the original version.

Although it's not mentioned in the patch notes for the new update, version, Bungie has now completely removed the offending imagery as promised. In the images above, you can see that the design is now gone. The underlying style of the armor remains the same, just with the pattern in question no longer laid over the top.

Aside from this change, update primarily fixes bugs, including those related to the Prism modifier and an issue where players didn't properly obtain the Man O' War weapon.

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