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Here's Everything the Rainbow Six Siege DLC Season Pass Gets You

Operators, weapon skins, and more.


We already knew that Rainbow Six Siege would be getting a season pass, but Ubisoft has now revealed everything that buyers get with it.

The $30 season pass offers seven-day "exclusive" early access to new operators added to the game post-launch. Season pass owners can immediately gain access to these characters when they are released without having to spend currency--be it real-world money or in-game cash--to unlock them.

Even with access to those, there are still other things to unlock in-game. Buying the season pass will offer a permanent 5 percent boost to Renown gain (the currency earned by playing the game), as well as a one-time 600 R6 Credits allowance.

Also included is an exclusive Porter weapon skin, five animal-themed weapon skins (known as the Safari bundle), and two extra challenges that can be completed every day to earn more Renown.

New operators will be coming to the game through four DLC expansions released over the next year. These packs will also include new maps, which everyone will receive for free. It's possible Ubisoft's plans for DLC extend beyond the coming year, but it sounds as if season pass owners will only be entitled to the operators coming in the next 12 months or so, as it refers to the season pass as a "year-long" membership.

Siege launches on December 1 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The season pass can be purchased on its own and is also included with the Gold and Collector's editions.

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