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Helldivers 2 Players May Get Mechs After Liberating Factories

Tien Kwan is overrun. Production has halted.


Mechs are likely still on the way to Helldivers 2, but players may have to take back the factories making them before they can pilot them.

After teasing the deployment of the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit on March 5, Arrowhead released an updated poster emblazoned with a sticker stating production on the mechs has been halted. Shortly after, Arrowhead put out a video announcing a new Major Order to defend the planet Tien Kwan from Automatons. The planet is the only world with factories manufacturing the mechs. Presumably once Tien Kwan is "liberated," mechs will be deployed.

Helldivers 2 operates on a galactic scale, with individual matches determining the state of the "galactic" war. Individual planets can be overrun by enemies or liberated in strong military pushes. The success or failure of the war effort can shape the galactic war to come.

Other stratagems that haven't had an official release have sometimes popped up in regular matches. Some players have even already piloted the mechs. It's possible that the Helldivers 2 game master has allowed specific players or matches to test new mechanics.

The most recent Helldivers 2 update added new electric weapons, a stun grenade, and a laser pistol. Arrowhead also claimed that the studio is planning on remaining independent after Sony acquisition rumors spread.

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