Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Potions - Master Notes List, Where To Get Ingredients

Make the Half-Blood Prince proud.

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There are a lot of characteristics of magic at play in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, just like there are in the Wizarding World of the books and movies. One of them is the creation of potions, which can give you a serious edge in battles against wizards and magical creatures, speed your progress through the game, or help you capture the most difficult Foundables (we've got lots more Harry Potter: Wizards Unite coverage on that stuff, too). You'll get lots of potions as you play the game, but like any Hogwarts student, you can also brew your own.

Brewing potions is pretty simple at first--if you have the ingredients, you just push a button to start cooking. But there are actually a few nuances to the system that aren't immediately apparent. If you know what you're doing, you can make sure you get the right ingredients to make every kind of potion without having to rely too much on random chance. You can also brew your potions more quickly, with a little extra care.

Here's everything you need to know about potions, including how to get the right ingredients and all the Master Notes.

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Ingredients: Find Them, Pick Them, Grow Them

Ingredients are the essential part of your potion-brewing process, obviously. There are lots of locations where you can find ingredients out in the world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. First, you'll find plenty of ingredients spawning out on the map around you as you walk around playing the game, and you can just pick them up by tapping on them.

Using a Greenhouse presents a more reliable way of getting the specific ingredients you need. Tapping on any Greenhouse takes you inside, where you can interact with the building and get a random supply of ingredients (you also get a chance at some Spell Energy), more or less just like an Inn. You're presented with three potted plants in a Greenhouse, and pulling out one of the plants gives you some smattering of potion-brewing stuff. You won't know what you'll receive until you get it, which makes planning difficult.

If you need an ingredient in particular, you can use a Greenhouse to grow your own plants. You do that with Seeds and Water, which you'll also find spawning on the world map. Tap into the Greenhouse and flip to the tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. There, you can use your seeds and any water you've found to start growing something. You'll have to return when the seed is fully grown in order to claim your ingredients.

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Stir It Up

Once you start a potion, you're stuck waiting for it to finish brewing--usually at least a couple of hours. You can speed up that timer, however, if you know the Half-Blood Prince-like secrets to master potion-brewing. There's a system of stirs and taps that, like in the Harry Potter movies and books, is not immediately apparent to the novice potion maker, even in the game.

When you brew a potion, tap the wooden spoon sticking out of the cauldron once the recipe has been started, when the liquid is swirling in place. You should get a closer, top-down view of the potion as it's cooking. This is when you can start your master brewing. In order to speed up the recipe, you'll need to try various touch gestures on the potion. These include things like a clockwise stir, a counter-clockwise stir, tapping on the potion, shaking your mobile device, and drawing vertical or horizontal lines.

You'll need to do all the gestures for the potion in order, but once you find the correct one, it'll be revealed in the Master Notes at the top of the screen. Brew the Master version of the potion correctly three times, and you'll get the Master Notes unlocked automatically, so you won't have to try to remember the gestures you used. Master Notes only speed up your brew times, so don't expect better version of your potions just because you're a Snape-level potions master. We've got the full list of Master Brewing notes below.

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Use Potions For Everything

Potions are very useful in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The ones you'll use most often are probably the Healing Potions, which can keep you alive during battles and Wizarding Challenges in Fortresses, and the Exstimulo Potions, which make your spells more effective against Confoundables and in battles. But there are a bunch of other kinds of potions as well, which can increase your Focus in battle, raise your experience gains as you play, and help you keep Confoundables from fleeing when you try to catch them.

You can only carry 50 potions at the start of the game (you can buy more space with Gold if you like), and you'll quickly fill that up with potions you get from leveling up and completing Achievements and other objectives. Especially as you get further into the game, you'll face harder challenges that will require potions--but they're easy to come by, so don't save them up. Use them, and keep brewing more.

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Master Brewing Notes

Here's a rundown of the Master Brewing notes for each potion recipe.

  • Exstimulo Potion: Vertical line, vertical line, clockwise stir.
  • Invigoration Draught: Horizontal line, vertical line, vertical line, zoom out gesture.
  • Baruffio's Brain Elixir: Clockwise stir, pinch gesture, vertical line, vertical line, zoom out gesture, shake.
  • Healing Potion: Zoom out gesture, clockwise stir, tap, pinch gesture.
  • Strong Exstimulo Potion: Vertical line, vertical line, counterclockwise stir, clockwise stir.
  • Potent Exstimulo Potion: Vertical line, horizontal line, vertical line, counterclockwise stir, clockwise stir, counterclockwise stir.
  • Dawdle Draught: Shake, clockwise stir, counterclockwise stir, counterclockwise stir, pinch gesture.
  • Strong Invigoration Draught: Horizontal line, vertical line, vertical line, vertical line, zoom out gesture, zoom out gesture.
  • Wit-Sharpening Potion: Zoom out gesture, vertical line, vertical line, tap.
  • Bountiful Brew: Tap, tap, clockwise stir, vertical line, vertical line.
  • Draught of Perception: Shake, clockwise stir, counterclockwise stir, counterclockwise stir, pinch gesture.
  • Felix Felicis Potion: Clockwise stir, pinch gesture, horizontal line, horizontal line, zoom out gesture, shake.
  • Memory Potion: Tap, zoom out gesture, horizontal line, clockwise stir.
  • Scintillation Potion: Clockwise stir, pinch gesture, horizontal line, horizontal line, zoom out gesture, shake.
  • Wideye Potion: Clockwise stir, shake, counterclockwise stir, counterclockwise stir.

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