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Guy Plays Overwatch Using Bananas

"I wanted to do peanut butter initially. But it doesn't conduct electricity all that well."


Having already demonstrated to the world how to play World of Warcraft with a DDR dance pad and rack up goals in Rocket League with a guitar controller, video game streamer "Rudeism" is back with another over-the-top video. As spotted by Polygon, Rudeism's latest undertaking was playing Overwatch with bananas, using the character Winston, of course.

He wired together a dozen bananas to his computer; each performs a different function. Four bananas control WASD keys, four are used for moving the mouse, and one each for Winston's specific abilities. It actually works--better than a peanut butter setup might have. "I wanted to do peanut butter initially," he says in the video. "But it doesn't conduct electricity all that well."

Rudeism's stream, which you can watch a replay of here (warning: lots of swearing), caught the attention of Twitch itself, as the streaming platform tweeted about it to its 3.75 million followers.

As you'll see in the stream, which carries on for more than 2.5 hours, Rudeism struggles a bit while playing with the yellow fruit, but what did you really expect? The banana rig is somewhat temperamental, Rudeism says, and you can see in the video that the commands don't always work as planned.

The streamer admits that this was the first time he'd ever tried the setup. Also, he didn't create a way to reload, so that's a problem, too. "This is a f**king mess," he says at one point in the video.

Go to Rudeism's Twitch page to watch more of his crazy videos.

The newest update for Overwatch is Halloween-themed and brings with it a co-op Brawl mode and new cosmetic items, including some fantastic skins. The event runs from now through the end of October. If you're playing the Brawl mode, don't waste your time shooting the crows.

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