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GTAIV ships nearly 20 million, Borderlands hits 4 million

Take-Two releases new sales statistics for open-world action game; franchise life-to-date sales climb over 100M; Red Dead sells 8 million, BioShock franchise also sells 8 million.


The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most recognized and acclaimed in the business. In June, parent publisher Take-Two said the latest installment--Grand Theft Auto IV--hit sales of 17 million. Now, about nine months later, the game is nearing a new milestone.

GTAIV was a major success for Take-Two and Rockstar.
GTAIV was a major success for Take-Two and Rockstar.

According to a Wedbush financial presentation posted online, GTAIV has sold almost 20 million units to retailers. Take-Two noted that this figure represents global sell-in figures as of February 19 and also includes sales of the GTAIV Complete and Special Editions.

Take-Two also used its presentation to announce that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has now sold over 100 million units during its lifetime. It joins the FIFA franchise, which reached the 100 million life-to-date sales milestone in November.

Looking ahead, while Take-Two or developer Rockstar Games has not yet offered any news on a new GTA series entry, rumors say the next game--not expected before 2012--will be set in a mock Los Angeles.

Also noted in the presentation was a new sales tally for Gearbox Software's sci-fi "role-playing shooter" Borderlands. According to Take-Two's figures, the title has sold 4 million units to retailers since the game debuted in October 2009.

Other statistics included in the presentation included Red Dead Redemption selling upward of 8 million units, the BioShock franchise also hitting 8 million units, and the two Mafia games selling 5 million units combined. The Midnight Club series has sold nearly 18 million units to date, and the two Max Payne games sold over 7 million units together.

For more on the latest GTA series entry, check out GameSpot's review of the top-rated GTAIV.

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