GTA IV getting $90 SE

Pricey bundle of 360/PS3 title will contain game, soundtrack CD, duffel bag, art book, keychain, and...lockbox?


For illustration purposes only; Actual lockbox not pictured.
For illustration purposes only; Actual lockbox not pictured.

The $129.99 Legendary Edition of Halo 3 will be the most expensive special edition of a console game this year. However, today another eagerly anticipated title was also given its own high-priced package with extras aplenty. Rockstar Games today announced a special edition of its biggest game this year, Grand Theft Auto IV. The SE of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will run $89.99, some $30 more than the $59.99 a la carte game.

For the extra triple sawbuck, gamers will receive a bevy of extras. The game will come bundled with a limited edition Rockstar duffel bag and a book containing "never-before-seen production artwork" from the game. Also included will be an audio CD with selections from soundtrack of the game, which is set during the present day. No specific tracks were mentioned, but Rockstar promised that it would contain "new material from top artists available only on this release."

All the aforementioned goodies will come inside the GTA IV SE's oddest extra, a fully lockable metal safety deposit box. The bundle will also contain a special keychain with keys to access said lockbox. No photos of the box have yet been made available to the press.

Both versions of Grand Theft Auto IV will ship in North America on October 16 and in Europe three days later.

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