GTA 5's Next Free Multiplayer Expansion Launches Today, Here's What's in It

"Be My Valentine."

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As suspected, Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode GTA Online is getting a Valentine's Day update. Rockstar Games today launched "Be My Valentine," a free update for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC that comes with a variety of new content including new cars and outfits, as well as a new adversary mode (coming Friday) and more. You can watch a trailer for the update below.

Be My Valentine comes with a a pair of new cars, including the Albany Roosevelt Valor, which is available to buy from the in-game Legendary Motorsport store. This retro vehicle can be outfitted with a number of modifications from Los Santos Customs. The second car is the Albany Roosevelt, which makes its return following its first showing in 2014's Valentine's Day GTA Online event, Massacre Special.

Players can also buy a number of new clothing items for male and female characters, including new suits, vests, boxer shorts, and stockings. Additionally, all of the Valentine's Day clothes and masks from the previous event are back, while the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun also returns and can now be purchased from Ammu-Nation.

Finally, Be My Valentine includes a new "couples-themed" adversary mode called "Till Death Do Us Part." This mode will launch this coming Friday, February 12; Rockstar will share more details on it "soon."

The first details on Be My Valentine's content leaked at the end of January.

Be My Valentine has been announced only for the new-generation console and PC versions of GTA Online. In September 2015, Rockstar said it would be focusing on those versions of the game instead of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3; all of the game's latest major updates have skipped those platforms.

GTA V isn't the only high-profile game celebrating Valentine's Day. Just this week, Destiny's "Crimson Days" event rolled out; you can see the full patch notes for that update here.

In other news about GTA Online, the mode recently enjoyed its best week ever in terms of revenue and the number of people playing it. That could explain why GTA V single-player DLC is nowhere to be seen.

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Avatar image for nanohorizonlive

The non uddate update! Where we don't actually add anything to the game. AWESOME.

This is absurd.

Avatar image for interxboxfirm

Rockstar/Take 2 are no mugs, just when everyone there is out there to shout about no added content for story mode there will be a huge update patch with it included.

They are making so much dough from the shark cards don't write them off being left field enough to lob it in there for free and butter everyone up as they start out on the GTA6 hype.

You know where you heard it first!

Avatar image for dark_rising76

When the Division comes out next month, everyone will be like "GTA who???"

Avatar image for daniel79


Avatar image for yukushi

This sucks I hate what GTA has become no expansions for the story mode just a bunch of crap to make money off the shark cards.

Avatar image for BlueCryztal

@yukushi: So easy to make money anyways, no need for shark cards.

Avatar image for mikemurphy80

Meh... More shark card generators. Thanks.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

So no more for PS3 could of give us this one last thing but alas I will have to upgrade to PS4 version, does my online character pass over to it like I won't lose anything I've got through the PS3 version online

Avatar image for BlueCryztal

@Dav_id83: You can transfer your character easily from the game menu to either PS4, Xbone or PC, you won't lose progress or anything. However note that the old generation and new generation does not share progress, so if you only play for PS4 for a month, buying all kind of things you still have the old stuff on PS3.

Avatar image for logangta5

I think there's something new about the Roosevelt too... I'm not sure.

Avatar image for Maj_Wood

Yes the tommy gun!

Avatar image for demon-returns

they keep releasing these dumb little updates..... just give us a damn proper story expansion or just gtfotw please

Avatar image for dbone74

@demon-returns: I don't think that SP will be comming. I don't know why people are so mad because the SP they have with the game is more lengthy than most 3rd person action games. I also imagine that adding new SP is more work with 3 protagonist and incorporating them in an intuitive way.

Avatar image for demon-returns

@dbone74: there just has to be THAT one dude......... ;-I

Avatar image for dbone74

@demon-returns: Im just saying I know the people at R* work pretty hard and I don't think its fair to criticize them for releasing free content for a game that is 3 yrs old.

Avatar image for demon-returns

@dbone74: yo dude,

Here's my point......

Here's your head......

so I'll bring it down to a level you can easily comprehend and understand. Since when in the world is asking for a company to release something mean criticizing them? Are people asking for valve to release half life 3 also being mean?

I can understand if you're hung up ad bent out of shape because I'm asking them to release a SP free content but I'm not even saying or asking for that.

Sooooo I really don't understand the point your're even trying to make. Did you sleep well? You been drinking? doing drugs? A combination of the above 3 perhaps?

Avatar image for dbone74

@demon-returns: You are criticizing the free content "they keep releasing these dumb little updates". I also never said you were being mean I don't know where you got that from. Im not bent out of shape im ok. I dont sleep that well and I do drink a little so maybe I need help.

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@demon-returns: apparently they've got a massive update in the pipe-line that includes a new desert-like Vegas area and confirming casinos. While I haven't played single player in awhile, it would be cool if this new area was included and they had story DLC based around it. Can only hope!

Avatar image for rotchild

@Spartan-1657: You have any source to back up this info? Sorry, but I don't believe it so...

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@rotchild: The info is in this video but there are links in the description

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@Spartan-1657: Where did you hear this information and is it a trustworthy source?

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@punksterdaddy: This guy has had some pretty solid info that he's been talking about in his videos in the past, and while not everything comes to GTA: O, a lot of his info is pretty accurate. Info is in the video with links in the description.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy


Oh wow, thanks a lot bud. I'll go take a wee look.

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@punksterdaddy: Ya, currently it's all up to debate and not confirmed but I'm just really hopeful since it would really give the game some new life! lol

Avatar image for punksterdaddy


Okay just watched it, it seems too detailed, like a fan posted this themselves and deleted the information. The Scottish flag being there to lend credibility to the theory.

This has happened many times before with this game and possibly with this YT Creator... I think. As I'm sure I've seen his videos before, he does a lot of these "Commenting on leaks," Styled videos eh?

I want it to be true, I feel the game needs it to be true but I am not convinced by it.

Thanks anyway, here's hoping.