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Graveyard Keeper Out And It's Already Free On Xbox One With Game Pass

Death be not proud.


Xbox Game Pass is becoming a fantastic service for anyone who wants to play games without spending a lot of money. For $10 a month, Xbox One owners can get access to over 100 games they can download and play until their subscription runs out. The newest addition to the service is a game that just released: Graveyard Keeper.

Advertised as "the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of all time," Graveyard Keeper has you build and manage a graveyard before the days of science and health codes. You'll gather resources to craft items and expand your morbid business. As you can probably tell from the description, it's a quirky game.

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To maximize your profits, you're encouraged to cut every corner you can and make increasingly ethically questionable decisions. For instance, to make a few extra bucks, you can do some under-the-table things with the corpses coming through your business. If you want, you can sell their organs to the butcher down the lane, or use them as a burger substitute for the attendees of the witch-burning festival.

The tone is lighthearted, so it doesn't come off as disturbing as it might sound. You can also go on quests and explore dungeons to get new crafting materials and alchemy ingredients. You can fish and chat up villagers and plant crops.

If you don't have Xbox Game Pass, Graveyard Keeper costs $20. But grabbing a six-month subscription for $60 gets you access to it, plus an array of other Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games. This month's Xbox Game Pass additions include Hitman, Rage, and Doom. You also get access to exclusive first-party games at launch.

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