Godfather spawns new versions for PS3, Wii

The Don's Edition and Blackhand Edition of open-world gangster game to make use of new systems' motion-sensitive controllers.


Electronic Arts today released an update on its extended family of Godfather games, with the first details of the series' debut for the PlayStation 3 and the Wii. As with the other console versions of The Godfather, The Don's Edition on the PS3 and the Blackhand Edition on the Wii (both spotted on retailer Web sites yesterday) will cast players in the role of a soldier in the Corleone organization with ultimate designs on becoming the head of the family. However, both versions will bring something new to the table.

On the PS3, The Don's Edition of the game will take "full advantage" of the Sixaxis controller, though EA was vague as to the specifics. The Don's Edition will also include added gameplay in the form of "The Corleone Expansion Pack." As of press time, EA had not responded to requests for comment on exactly what the expansion pack contains, or if, when, and how it would be made available to owners of other versions of the game.

For Wii owners, the Blackhand Edition of the game will have elements of its gameplay redesigned around the system's controller. Players will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in conjunction to beat down opposing thugs, or use weapons to pick off enemies from a distance by pointing directly at onscreen targets.

Extra features common to both systems include new contract hits, a pair of reworked rival-family compounds, and the ability to enlist larger hit squads when the need arises. The Don's Edition and the Blackhand Edition of The Godfather are both scheduled to ship in March.

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