Genshin Impact - All Phantasmal Conch Locations in the Resonating Visions Event

All hail the magic conch.


The Summertime Odyssey event is currently underway in Genshin Impact, and this seasonal beach trip comes with smaller activities that take place throughout the Golden Apple Archipelago. Resonating Visions is one such small event that tasks players with collecting Phantasmal Conches.

Collecting these mysterious conches will provide a number of rewards, including Primogems, Mora, various level-up materials, and even a new outfit for Fischl. There are a total of 20 conches to collect that appeared over the course of multiple days during the event, and this guide will cover all of them.

How to Start Resonating Visions Event

First off, you will need to be Adventure Rank 32 or higher to participate in the event. Secondly, the Golden Apple Archipelago must be unlocked. If you haven't yet reached the shores of this limited-time area, just follow our guide on how to get to the archipelago.

Once you've reached the event area, conches can be collected in any order you see fit. For the sake of organization, we'll go through all currently available Phantasmal Conch locations, island by island, starting from the bottom of the map and working our way up to the top. Then, we'll list the ones found inside Domains in the order that they appear in the questline.

All Phantasmal Conch Locations

Minacious Isle

There are three Phantasmal Conches located on the southernmost isle. All three can be found on the west side, near the small pool of water. The conches will appear on the mini-map when they're nearby. The first conch is at ground level next to the pool of water, but there's a large structure that needs to be climbed to find the other two conches. Use the image of the map from Teyvat Interactive Map along with my in-game screenshots to find all three.

The three Phantasmal Conches on Minacious Isle

Pudding Isle

Another three Phantasmal Conches are waiting to be collected on Pudding Isle, to the east. This time, the conches are sitting on different corners of the isle, and thankfully, no climbing is necessary here--that is, if you already have the Teleport Waypoint unlocked. Two conches are at ground level on the beach, and one is at the top of the isle next to the Teleport Waypoint.

The three Phantasmal Conches on Pudding Isle

Broken Isle

Four Phantasmal Conches can be found on Broken Isle, along with one more on an unnamed island nearby. The conch at the unnamed island is the easiest to grab since it's just sitting in a camp between your current location and Broken Isle. The four on Broken Isle are all relatively close to one another, on the northern sections of the isle.

The four Phantasmal Conches on and around Broken Isle

Broken Isle Puzzle

One more Phantasmal Conch can be obtained by solving a puzzle in a cave on Broken Isle, so it's a bit more complicated than simply walking up to the item. Head to the spot in the first image below and enter the cave. Then, light all four torches along with the Pyro structure to lower the water level.

There are three more torches in this room to light and one more on the other side of a warp door behind the second Pyro structure. Once again, light all torches to get to the Pyro structure and lower the water level for the last time. The conch is at the bottom of the cave, where the water used to be.

The Phantasmal Conch under Broken Isle

Twinning Isle

Three more Phantasmal Conches are located in the northeast, on Twinning Isle. One conch is on the southeast side of the isle, while the other two are bear to each other on the northwest side of the isle. Two conches are at ground level but, sadly, obtaining the third will require a decent amount of climbing. It's almost at the top of the isle in terms of elevation.

The three Phantasmal Conches on Twinning Isle

Misty Hills, Foggy Vales Domain

This series of Domains will open up as part of the main questline in the Golden Apple Archipelago. As long as you follow the questline, the game will automatically take you to this place. Inside the third mirage realm related to Kazuha's past, you'll find a Phantasmal Conch sitting on a table in plain sight along the main path. If you missed this conch the first time around, just return to the mirage by interacting with Kazuha's bonsai at the leaf icon on the map.

Phantasmal Conch inside Kazuha's mirage
Phantasmal Conch inside Kazuha's mirage

Blazin' Trails Domain

The Blazin' Trails Domain belongs to Xinyan, and it's where we'll find the next Phantasmal Conch after completing the Blazin' trails quest. Once Xinyan has performed her unexpected duet and Fischl's mirage island is discovered, return to the Blazin' Trails Domain by hitting the drum on Broken Isle.

On the second level of the Domain, hit the drum shown in the first image below to create a new path that'll lead to the warp door in the second image. From there, take the left path until you reach a large rock on the left side of a music note puzzle. The conch will be sitting on top of it.

Phantasmal Conch inside Xinyan's mirage

Immernachtreich Keep Domain

This is Fischl's personal mirage Domain, and two new conches can be found after starting her mirage quest. After entering Fischl's second mirage realm, use the Gaze of the Deep device on the right to create a path that completes the missing stairway on the left in the first image below.

The stairway can still be completed even though it can't be seen behind the pillar in front of you. Go to the top of the newly-created stairway and turn right to find the conch surrounded by Hilichurls.

The Phantasmal Conch inside Immernachtreich Keep

The second Phantasmal Conch isn't actually inside a mirage, but on Twinning Isle itself. This one can only be found after Fischl's second mirage is completed, though. Head to the location on the map below, then speak to all three stone ravens next to a well. Choose the prompt to throw a stone down the well to get the conch found inside.

The Phantasmal Conch in the well on Twinning Isle

Temple of the Star Latitudes Domain

As you may have guessed, the final Phantasmal Conch is located inside Mona's mirage. After completing the main quest inside the mirage, return to it from Minacious Isle. Head inside the door with the constellation seen in the first image below. Follow that path and solve a series of three constellation puzzles found in a single room at the end of the path.

Use the solutions below to solve all three, then interact with the wall to the right of the puzzle instructions to open a hidden doorway. The final conch is in the room with a treasure chest behind that secret passageway.

The Phantasmal Conch inside Mona's mirage

How to Claim Resonating Visions Rewards

After collecting the Phantasmal Conches, open up the Events Overview section of the menu. Highlight the Resonating Visions event, then claim all rewards available to you inside that part of the menu. You only need to collect 16 conches to unlock Fischl's new outfit.

Resonating visions Event Rewards Page
Resonating visions Event Rewards Page

There should be able to claim each and every reward from the Resonating Visions event after following the entirety of this guide. We've made sure to cover all conches that appeared after the event's start date, so none are missing here.

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