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GameSpot's Play For All 2021 Charity Event Is Raising Money For AbleGamers

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Join us in June to celebrate video games and lend your support to important causes that will improve the lives of others.

Update: GameSpot's Play For All 2021 charity event was a huge success. With the help of partners across the video game industry in development, publishing, marketing, and PR, as well as influencers and content creators, a staggering $114,275 was raised for amazing causes.

"I'm extremely proud of the team and everyone that supported us in this endeavour," said Tamoor Hussain. "The video game industry is so welcoming and supportive, and this is a wonderful indication of that."

The summer is always a chance for fans of video games to get excited. In years gone we'd come together to enjoy E3, whether by attending in person or by watching from the comfort of our homes. For various reasons, that was impossible last year and, as a result, gaming events had to change.

For some, this has meant going all-digital--as will be the case for E3 in 2021, and which GameSpot is a media partner for--while others have changed the way they approach coverage of events entirely. That was the case for GameSpot in 2020, when we held Play For All, a multi-week event that encompassed covering the latest game reveals and announcements, but also involved a charity effort to raise money for causes that were important to us.

Play For All was a huge success, not only because it supported charities close to our hearts, but also because it allowed GameSpot to use the platform we have to show that the people who love games are eager to give back to the world and be a force for good. It's for that reason that we're excited to announce that Play For All will return in 2021, and proud to be raising money for AbleGamers.

For years the AbleGamers team has been striving to improve accessibility to the video games we love and raise awareness around the needs of gamers with disabilities. As noted on the organization's website, "People with disabilities are at a heightened risk of social isolation, and AbleGamers knows that video games can be the perfect gateway to community participation, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable shared experiences. That's why it’s crucial to make sure these experiences are developed with accessibility as a priority and inclusion as the goal."

GameSpot wholeheartedly agrees and is extremely excited to be joining forces with AbleGamers to lend our support in the efforts to improve inclusivity and raise money. Our campaign is already live, so you can donate now if you want. When the event kicks off properly, we'll have plenty for you to get excited about.

In addition to partnering with the biggest developers and publishers to provide high-quality coverage of the latest happenings in the world of games as part of our E3 coverage, we're going to have our own week of fundraising where we'll be hosting streams and delivering programming in service of celebrating games while also supporting AbleGamers. Naturally, we'll be bringing in guests from around the industry for fun, exciting, and often ridiculous things that you'll be able to enjoy.

We're super excited about this year's Play For All and have been working hard to put together something that you'll have a blast watching--including the Play For All Showcase. We'll have more details about what we've got planned soon, but for now, pencil in "a good time with GameSpot" into your calendar for June and check out our Play For All schedule.

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Tamoor Hussain

Tamoor Hussain is the Managing Editor of GameSpot. He has been covering the video game industry for a really long time, having worked in news, features, reviews, video, and more. He loves Bloodborne and other From Software titles, is partial to the stealth genre, and can hold his own in fighting games too. Fear the Old Blood.

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