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GameSpot Presents The Play For All Showcase

Join us in June for an hour-long broadcast featuring a range of promising games from a set of diverse developers.

GameSpot has partnered with The MIX to create a showcase for games that are charting the path for a brighter, more inclusive video game future. We're calling this the Play For All Showcase, and it will feature more than 20 games that have been hand-selected by the GameSpot team. All of the games in the Play For All Showcase were created by diverse teams that aim to speak to important themes, create uplifting experiences, or explore subject matter that is often missing from big-budget titles. The event will take place on Tuesday, June 15, at 3:35 PM PT / 6:35 PM ET (time subject to change).

The hour-long showcase will feature a variety of games from numerous genres and, along with exclusive teasers, trailers, and gameplay videos, we've also got interviews with a few indie developers discussing their games, inspirations, and the state of the industry. You can expect to see the cyber samurai game Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, the free-form cooking game Soup Pot, surreal RPG She Dreams Elsewhere, and hot spring management game Onsen Master, among others.

This showcase comes as part of GameSpot's Play For All event, which spans all of June. GameSpot's Play For All is all about encouraging positivity around games, harnessing the excitement and enthusiasm of the games audience around their favorite hobby, and channeling it toward good causes. In addition to our coverage of all the E3 news and other exciting happenings during the month, we'll have multiple days of livestreams--what we're calling Play For All Live--featuring tons of upcoming games. Later in the month, we'll have a week of twice-daily Play For All livestreams featuring friends from the industry in order to raise money for AbleGamers. We hope you'll join us.

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