GameSpot Editors' Top 10 Lists

It's a personal choice.


So far, you've seen all of our official choices for 2013's best games according to platform categories. But before we unveil the one game that we've chosen as our overall GameSpot Game of the Year (that's happening on December 19), we're asking all of our editors to list their personal favorites for 2013.* After all, GameSpot isn't a hive mind, and our editors aren't working in a Borg-like collective. We're actually a bunch of individuals with our own personal tastes and opinions, some of which differ wildly from one another. So come check out what our editors have chosen as their individual top 10 games for the year. You may be surprised at some of the choices.

*For personal top 10s, GameSpot editors were able to choose any game that had a release in 2013--this includes games that were released on different platforms this year but that were initially made available at some other, earlier time (such as Spelunky). This was less strict than our criteria for the official Game of the Year awards, which dictated that only games that were first released between January and the end of November 2013 were eligible.

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