Zorine Te's Top 10 Games For 2013

It's not just about Dota 2 and shooters.


Surprisingly, my personal picks for the games of 2013 span across a variety of genres, something which I did not anticipate. The year's offerings contained games which stood out in a plethora of categories which featured survival horror, dramatic stories, stealthy combat, anime-style brawls, and most importantly (to me), the opportunity to work cohesively with others as a team.

Throughout the year, I found myself immersed in a variety of environments. From the shadowy asylum in Outlast to the glittering city of Columbia in BioShock: Infinite, each game's universe provided new playgrounds to explore.

Progressing toward the higher end of my list, the opposite theme emerges. I'm a social gamer who prefers to traverse virtual worlds with a tight-knit team, so games which placed a strong emphasis on multiplayer were the most appealing.

The opportunity to work together with both friends and strangers presented its own challenges. Such competitive games also warranted frequent tweaks and updates from developers to keep them interesting, something I appreciated in games such as Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Battlefield 4, and Dota 2. My competitive drive fed off multiplayer games, and therefore I sought out the most balanced, enriching, and rewarding experiences. Hard work would pay off in cleanly executed heists and sweeping team victories.

It is the memory of these hard-earned victories which will remain with me to the next year and beyond.

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