Game Of Thrones Season 8 Ratings Reveal How Immensely Popular The Show Is

Game of Thrones is very popular.


A little show called Game of Thrones is currently in the midst of its eighth and final season, and it is very popular. The ratings for Sunday's Episode 5 have arrived--and they are massive.

18.4 million people watched "The Bells" across all platforms--including standard television and digital networks such as HBO Go and HBO Now.

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This is an increase from Episode 4, "The Last of the Starks," which picked up 17.2 million viewers. That was down slightly from Episode 3's 17.8 million viewers, which was the most-watched episode of the final season before Episode 5. Episode 2 has been the least-watched, with 15.9 million viewers. You can see a breakdown of viewers by episode below.

Episode 6, which is the finale of the entire Game of Thrones series, is likely to draw the biggest crowd, but whether or not it cracks 20 million remains to be seen.

So far, the four aired episodes have been together tallied more than 68 million views, and that doesn't count all members of groups or families watching together and views from other means.

For more on Season 8, check out our full Game of Thrones, Episode 5, "The Bells" review.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Ratings:

via TV Line

  • Episode 1 -- 17.4 million
  • Episode 2 -- 15.9 million
  • Episode 3 -- 17.8 million
  • Episode 4 -- 17.2 million
  • Episode 5 -- 18.4 million
  • Episode 6 -- Probably a lot; we'll know soon.

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