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Game Of Thrones: Where's Everyone At Season 8's Start?

Game of Thrones Season 8 is finally here! To prepare you for the final season, here is a refresher on everyone's whereabouts prior to Season 8 getting underway, from King's Landing to Winterfell and beyond.

After years of betrayal, bloodshed, and brothels, Game of Thrones is approaching its finale. Season 8 of the epic fantasy series on HBO is now halfway over, and we're continuing to see characters from all corners of the sprawling map come together for the final battles. But Westeros is a big place, and our heroes and anti-heroes are scattered to the wind. To help refresh you on where everyone is, we tracked down everyone's whereabouts prior to the start of this season in the video above.

There's been some movement since then, along with some deaths (albeit ones that, in Episode 3, left us feeling cold). But as we move toward Episode 4 (and the finale in Episode 6), it's possible that more characters who have been lingering in the background could pop up and play a prominent role. We have some new theories after seeing Episode 3, and you can also make sure you're up to date on each character's status in our looks at who has died in Season 8 and who is still alive.

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