G4 cancelling X-Play, Attack of the Show

[UPDATE] Source says network killing off all gaming related programming; tweets from employees signal changes are afoot; statement from company confirms both shows will end after 2012.


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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, G4 issued an official statement on the rumor. The company confirmed that X-Play and Attack of the Show will be canceled after 2012. Both shows will air original episodes through the end of the year, and will also feature memorable moments from their history.

The final X-Play and Attack of the Show episodes will feature guest hosts including John Barrowman, Michael Ian Black, Josh Myers, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel, and Horatio Sanz joining regular hosts Candace Bailey, Sara Underwood, Morgan Webb, and Blair Herter.

The original story follows below

Television network G4 is cancelling all gaming-related programming, including X-Play and Attack of the Show, a source reportedly close to the situation told Kotaku. It is not clear if the shows will be canceled right away or last through the end of the year.

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Tweets from G4 employees, including Attack of the Show host Candace Bailey and X-Play personality Blair Herter, suggest changes are afoot at the network.

"All great changes are preceded by chaos," Herter wrote. This was followed by comments from Bailey, stating, "Today is gonna be an interesting day" and "I'm so fortunate to work with the people I work with everyday [sic]."

This news follows a report from September that suggested G4 was changing directions. It is believed the network is moving away from gaming-related content and heading in a direction more reminiscent of men's magazine GQ.

Several high-profile G4 employees have left the network recently, including former Attack of the Show host and field reporter Kevin Pereira, as well as X-Play's outspoken talking head, Adam Sessler.

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