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Four Days Before Release, Sonic Mania PC Delayed, But Sega Is Offering Fans A Freebie

Sega also shared some exciting news for those getting the Mania Collector's Edition.


With less than a week to go before it was set to launch, the PC version of Sonic Mania has been delayed. The PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are still slated to release this coming Tuesday, August 15, as previously scheduled.

Sega shared the news during a livestream today, saying that the PC version is "going in for a bit more optimization." As a result, it's been pushed back two weeks and is now due out on August 29. "The team is working really hard to make sure it works on all platforms and on a lot of things to touch it up," Sonic community manager Aaron Webber said.

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"We are not going to put out a game that is not the best it can be," he added. "And we're going to maintain that level of quality and consistency and dedication to that quality. It is so important to us."

To make up for this last-minute delay, Sega will be handing out free Steam copies of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. This will be available to anyone who pre-orders Mania by August 15 or purchases the Collector's Edition. The PC version's CE will still ship on August 15, but activating the included Steam code will only get you Sonic 1 for now; Mania won't unlock until August 29.

Later in the stream, Sonic Team creative director joined to unbox the Collector's Edition and revealed some tantalizing news. Sonic Team members have signed the flap on 26 CE boxes that will be randomly sold in North America, giving you a small chance to own an extra-special version of the game.

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Sonic Mania is the latest 2D Sonic game and has been positioned by Sega as a return to form for the series. It's one of two main new Sonic games on the way, with the other being Sonic Forces, a 3D title that's due out later this year.

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