Fortnite's Cube Keeps Rolling, Or Whatever It Is Cubes Do [Update]

They see me rollin'.


Fortnite's Season 5 is starting to draw to a close, which means another big world event is just around the corner to usher in a new reality for players. Whatever is coming is likely tied to the mysterious cube that's been rolling its way across the map, and it's still going. [Update: It's now made its way to Loot Lake, where it melted or sank, turning the water purple and giving it bounce properties like the cube itself.]

The glowing cube first appeared after a massive lightning storm in the desert. The rift closed but the cube remained. Standing near it recharges shields, and shooting at it bounces back and hits you instead. It has been moving every one hour and 43 minutes. Players have theorized that the symbols along the sides are an encoded message, but no one has deciphered it so far.

Season 5 is set to end next week, on Tuesday, September 25. Epic tends to begin the new season just as the old one sunsets, so that may be the date of the Season 6 launch. The cube appears to be this season's version of the rifts--a large and odd in-world even that sets the stage for the next season's shenanigans. This time, though, it's a lot less clear what it could be signaling.

With time running out, though, now is the moment to finish up any remaining Season 5 challenges. Check out our roundup of Season 5 challenges and read up on the Season 5 rewards that you can still earn. A new update this week added a host of new items as well.

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