Fortnite: Where To Get Marigold’s Message From The Dead Drop

You first set up dead drops back in Week 2. Now it's time to retrieve one.


Fortnite Week 13 is here and for one of its challenges, you'll want to get Marigold's message from the dead drop. If you have been playing along all season, you actually already set up some dead drop locations in Week 2, but now it's time to retrieve your sensitive information as Slone's plans to take down the aliens enter their final, mysterious phase. Here's where to find Marigold's Message in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dead Drop Location - Marigold's Message

For this challenge, you'll of course need to head to the woods to the east of the dish station where Rick resides. Under a tree near the small lake, you'll see the dead drop left for you by Marigold. It looks just like those you may have set up before if you've been keeping up with your Epic Quests all season, so make like a character in the Americans and retrieve the sensitive info clandestinely--or while doing your favorite TikTok dance. It's up to you.

Just east of Rick Sanchez's abode is the dead drop for this challenge.
Just east of Rick Sanchez's abode is the dead drop for this challenge.

Slone has gotten her rear handed to her all season by the alien invaders, but it seems like she was always playing the long game. After weeks of surveilling, studying, and sabotaging the aliens across Apollo, it seems like the Imagined Order is gearing up to take on the aliens with an explosive finale, head-on for the first time all season. We are still waiting on the final details, but rumors say there will be an end-of-season event, likely involving that countermeasure device we activated at Corny Complex last week--the same Corny Complex that is now being beamed onto the Mothership, mind you. We're in for a wild few weeks.

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