Fortnite: Where To Find Books On Explosions

Here are both locations for this Week 12 challenge.


Fortnite Week 12 sees us approaching the endgame for Doctor Slone, and one of this week's quests tasks you to find books on explosions, since she plans on making quite a big explosion herself soon. You'll need to find two books on explosions to complete this quest. That sounds very simple, but they are also easy to overlook if you aren't careful. Here are the locations for books on explosions in Fortnite.

Books On Explosions - Locations

With Doctor Slone putting together her countermeasure device, the island of Apollo may soon host a massive explosion. You'll need to find both books on the subject to round out Slone's understanding of what she's going to do to the island. Two named locations, Dirty Docks and Steamy Stacks, each hold one book, and you can grab either one first.

If you drop into Dirty Docks first, look for the container yard in the center of the location. By the exit, you'll see a dumpster. Right in front of that dumpster will be the first of two books on explosions. Interact with it to collect it. If you're feeling brave enough, you can stay in the container yard and grab the docked flying saucer for quick transport to Steamy Stacks, but if you don't get it, a car or the nearby zipline system will also get you there quickly.

The eastern coastline of Apollo houses two books on explosions.
The eastern coastline of Apollo houses two books on explosions.

Once you're in Steamy Stacks, enter the grey and orange two-story building that rests at the end of the zipline. Just inside the door and under the stairs will be your other book on explosions. If this is where you decided to visit first, it's just as convenient for getting to Dirty Docks. You can take the zipline, grab one of several cars, or try and get the UFO that's sitting in the parking lot. You could even glide back up the power plant stacks that will send you floating south if you prefer.

Once you obtain both books on explosions, you'll have another Week 12 challenge done and can refer to our guide for the remaining Week 12 challenges. Don't forget they offer 100,000 additional XP thanks to the return of Wild Weeks.

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