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Fortnite 17.40 Patch Notes Include Among Us-Style Impostors Mode

Epic takes on Among Us a second time.


The Fortnite 17.40 patch notes are out now and indicate many changes on the island as we head into the final stretch of Season 7. Not only have the aliens begun to abduct another location, but an entirely new game mode, Impostors, has been revealed that will entice Among Us fans. There's more too, like the return of Wild Weeks and bug fixes. Here's everything new in Fortnite patch 17.40.

Fortnite Impostors Game Mode

Fortnite gets sus for a limited time with Impostors mode.
Fortnite gets sus for a limited time with Impostors mode.

After leaks indicated Fortnite would be getting a new social deduction mode, the new mode debuts today in-game. Called Impostors, it looks to take on Among Us for the second time after last December's The Spy Within user-made game mode was given a bright spotlight by Epic for a few weeks.

This time, the social deduction and deception mode has been made in-house at Epic Games and may prove to stick around for a lot longer. In Impostors, players will take on the roles of Agents or Impostors in a new map called The Bridge, which is made to look like a never-before-seen IO bunker complete with a food court, a security room, and more.

Players will complete assignments--like tasks from Among Us--while keeping a side-eye on other players, as among them will be saboteurs seeking to undermine their efforts. Epic did not put an end date on Impostors mode with its introduction. We may be looking at the next major evolution of Fortnite. You can watch a trailer for the new mode below.

Fortnite Wild Weeks Returns

After debuting in Season 6, Wild Weeks is back for another run of weekly gameplay spotlights. This week, the emphasis will be put on suppressed weapons, which will include both the suppressed SMG as well as more suppressed versions of other weapons that were vaulted previously.

Beginning Thursday, August 19, players can find suppressed pistols, suppressed assault rifles, and suppressed snipers in epic or greater quality anywhere on Apollo for what Epic Games is calling Sneak Week. Billed as an IO initiative to go stealthy, the aliens have had to counter this approach by deploying more Prop-ifiers around the island. Stay tuned for more Wild Week spotlights as Season 7 continues.

Coral Castle Abduction

Farewell Coral Castle. You won't be missed.
Farewell Coral Castle. You won't be missed.

Now that the aliens have successfully abducted Slurpy Swamp, they're moving onto Coral Castle. Beginning today and continuing all week long, the northwest corner of the map will start to ascend toward the Mothership.

As with Slurpy Swamp, this means the region will play host to low-gravity sections for several days before the bulk of the buildings are either destroyed or taken away by the aliens for their own studies. Players can return every day to watch the abduction progress until it's finally beamed up fully in one week's time.

Major Bug Fixes

Along with all of these new content drops, Fortnite patch 17.40 also includes several bug fixes. Here's what Epic patched up in this new update:

  • Fixed a Preferred Item Slots issue involving double item slot items, such as the Chug Cannon, moving to the incorrect slots when the player picked up a new item.

  • Fixed an issue involving Cosmic Chests being unopenable if a player had left the team during the match.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Epic to disable Prop Disguise services from vendors. These are now re-enabled.

Fortnite patch 17.40 is now live for all platforms. For more on Epic's massive platform, don't miss our picks for the best landing spots in Season 7, as well as the debut of Wonder Woman.

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