Fortnite Thanos Cup Brings Back The Marvel Villain

It was inevitable.


When Thanos came to Fortnite in 2018, it became the first major crossover event of the game's now storied history in that regard. Whether players missed him before or just hoped he'd return someday, Thanos is coming back to Fortnite for the first-ever Thanos Cup, where top qualifiers will have a chance to unlock the Thanos skin in Fortnite for free and ahead of his Item Shop debut.

Thanos will hit the Item Shop next week on June 26 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. He'll come bundled with the Infinity Gauntlet Back Bling including all six Infinity Stones properly placed and ready to wipe out half of the island--okay, that part's on you, actually. It seems entirely likely that Epic will once again sell the Snap Emote too, so players can complete the look.

Maybe Thanos will someday be available for half off.
Maybe Thanos will someday be available for half off.

Fortnite Thanos Cup

Before his Item Shop release, Thanos can be won in the Thanos Cup. In the game's Competitive tab on June 21, players will find the Thanos Cup, an open tournament for all Fortnite players willing to vie for The Mad Titan's new cosmetics. In Duos mode and across up to 10 matches during the tournament's three-hour time limit, players will need to survive the Storm, outlast and eliminate other opponents, and score cumulative points, following a similar scoring system to other Fortnite Cups of this nature, whereby players get more points the longer they survive and for every elimination they record.

String together a series of 10 highly competitive rounds of battle royale and players may find themselves as the scoring leaders in their region, giving them access to Thanos and his Back Bling days before the rest of the world can get their hands on him. All participants in the Thanos Cup who tally at least eight total points will unlock the "Thanos Watches!" Spray too, so there's reason to jump in even if you don't expect your skills to carry you to victory.

As always with Fortnite Cups, players must have enabled two-factor authorization on their Epic Games accounts and be at least level 30 on their lifetime Epic account. You can find the full rules on the developer's website.

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