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Fortnite: Tarana Artifacts And How To Finish Spire Quests

One step closer to completing all Spire Quests for Season 6.


Fortnite Season 6 has introduced new Spire Quests. One of these challenges asks players to find Tarana and collect Artifacts for her. After some initial bugs that were halting player progress, the issue appears to be resolved. and you can proceed with completing the quest.

Here's where to find Tarana, how to complete common or rarer quests, and where to find Artifacts for Tarana in Fortnite Season 6.

Stage 1: Find Tarana

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The first thing you need to do is find Tarana. She's an NPC permanently dwelling at Boney Burbs, just west of the map's center. Drop in and speak to her, selecting the dialogue option "The Spire" to learn more.

Please note that while this seems intended to be Stage 1 of the challenge, some players, including us, are reporting Stage 2 as appearing first in their quest log. If that's the case with you too, scroll down to Stage 2, complete it as needed, then follow these Stage 1 instructions. Should Epic clarify the confusion or patch the problem away, we'll update this guide too.

Stage 2: Complete Uncommon Or Rarer Quests

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This next section should be pretty straightforward. All you'll need to do is complete five total uncommon or rarer quests. Uncommon quests are marked with the color green in the quest log, and those better include Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (orange). Hitting three of your Daily Quests will give you a great headstart as they're of the Uncommon rarity. After that, refer to your own quest log and see what you're close to achieving. If you need to boost things like catching fish or getting assists, Team Rumble is a great mode for those sorts of objectives, among others.

Stage 3: Find Artifacts For Tarana

The final stage of this Spire Quest is to find three Artifacts for Tarana. Artifacts are unique items that won't spawn until this quest is active, but once it is, head back to Tarana. All three Artifacts are right in her home turf of Boney Burbs. You can find them in any order, so we'll show you how we came upon them.

Artifact #1

The first Artifact is in the centermost tall building on the ground floor. Enter on that level and you should quickly hear its chime, which is different from a chest chime.

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Artifact #2

From there, head to the southeast corner of the location, and look behind the stairs to the tall watchtower-like building where you'll find Artifact #2. It used to be the clock tower and still sports the anachronistic clock face on one side in this otherwise prehistoric locale.

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Artifact #3

Your third and final Artifact is in what was once a gas station. Head to it in the northeast corner and look inside what used to be the small convenience store attached to the gas station. Behind a tree and glowing blue is Artifact #3.

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Once you're done with Tarana, she will send you to find your next questgiver with more Spire Quests to complete. Here's how to find the Thief and play the Last Log. We've also got a guide on how to don a disguise and strike three Resonant Crystals.

The Spire Quests aren't all that's new to Fortnite this week. Here's everything else in Fortnite patch 16.10.

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