Fortnite Survey Reveals Dozens Of Potential New Skins

If the past is precedent, many of these skins will likely arrive in the Item Shop in the future.


Fortnite skins are a big draw for many fans, which is why a new Epic Games survey should attract so much attention from the game's community. A recent survey sent out by the developer-publisher asked players to weigh in on the appeal of dozens of unreleased skins, giving us a sneak preview of characters potentially headed to the game. While we can't say all of the teased skins will one day be available in Fortnite, it stands to both reason and history that some will.

Epic's survey included skins spanning several different sets, with some making great companion characters to past heroes, while others look totally new and unlike anything else in Fortnite. Content creators have shared the full slate of polled skins, including several themed around Halloween, Christmas, and other tie-in events, which you can see in the tweet below.

Sets that were noticed by fans include more characters in ongoing styles such as frozen, anime, and toon styles. There's also a Christmas-themed redesign of the fanmade skin Isabelle, a Hogwarts-inspired student of witchcraft. Other new styles for characters we've seen before include a winter-ready Doctor Slone and a clover-green Wildcard. As for totally new characters, there are plenty, like a killer clown, a human-sized bird, and a sloth who looks equipped for military service--you know, typical Fortnite stuff.

We don't have names for any of these--though we can reliably predict some, like Toon Bomber--and it's likely not all of them will come to the store. But past surveys of this sort have borne fruit, and it seems more like Epic is just amassing data on its upcoming characters more than it's picking and choosing which to release at all.

Earlier this year, Epic also surveyed fans on possible licensed skins, including characters from The Last Of Us, Breaking Bad, and Dragon Ball Z. We're still waiting for many of those to hit the Item Shop, but just like the Epic original characters, the company's past surveying of licensed skins has led to Item Shop debuts down the line. Hang in there, you'll get your Goku skin one day.

If you're finding this season's XP system a bit grindy, you're not alone. But a fix is coming, says Epic. In the meantime, don't miss the Week 2 challenges.

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