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Fortnite Players Taking A Break From Fighting To Trick-Or-Treat

The battle royale can wait.


Fortnite players are ready for Halloween. A few risky players have gone trick-or-treating by ringing doorbells at random houses across the map, hoping they won't get shot at once the door opens.

Two players rolled up to one house, built walls around them for protection, and then decorated their little enclosure with spider and spider web sprays in the clip above. They knocked on the door, emoted, and waited for the door to open. The player inside the house greeted the players with healing items.

"It's great knowing that there are still players who want to have fun instead of killing you on the spot," said Redditor ghosty300. Halloween has flooded the battle royale genre this week. Halloween decorations and limited time modes have popped up in Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. It's rumored that a Fortnitemares update, that will bring special challenges and modes, will come to Fortnite on October 21.

This is another example of players taking a break from killing each other. They've done so before by by fishing, filling up enemy cars at gas stations, and running taxis services.

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