Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 NPC Locations

Here are all of the new Fortnite NPCs mapped for your convenience.


A new Fortnite season--and chapter, in this case--means a host of new NPCs to meet and greet. Since Chapter 2, Season 5, Fortnite NPCs have become a mainstay of the game and continue to dole out quests, loot, and lore to players who talk to them. In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, the list of all NPCs is longer than usual at the start of a season, and it’s a list that will keep growing all season long. Here are all 20 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 3, Season 1.

Fortnite NPC locations and map

Fortnite NPCs are scattered across the map, as you’d expect, so meeting all of them will take multiple rounds.You can track whom you’ve met in your Collection menu, and be sure to visit each of them for unique dialogue, special quests, and sometimes even Exotic weapons that can’t be found anywhere else. You can find this season’s 20 NPCs at the following locations:

  • 1. The Visitor: East of Sanctuary on the island with seven bunkers
  • 2. The Scientist: North side of Sanctuary
  • 3. Agent Jones: Appears in one of four places randomly each round--NE, NW, SE, or SW corner
  • 4. The Foundation: South side of Sanctuary
  • 5. Bunker Jonesy: Within The Joneses
  • 6. Ludwig: Within The Joneses
  • 7. Brainiac: Within The Joneses
  • 8. Mullet Marauder: Within The Joneses
  • 9. Jonesy The First: Within The Joneses
  • 10. Cuddle Team Leader: Within Camp Cuddle
  • 11. Metal Team Leader: Within Camp Cuddle
  • 12. Cuddlepool: Within Camp Cuddle
  • 13. Quackling: Within Camp Cuddle
  • 14. Guaco: Within Greasy Grove
  • 15. Lil Whip: Within Coney Crossroads
  • 16. Bao Brothers: Within Greasy Grove
  • 17. Tomato Head: Within Greasy Grove
  • 18. Mancake: The Butter Barn
  • 19. Shanta: Southeasternmost landmass on the island
  • 20. Lt. John Llama: South side of the lake below Logjam Lumberyard
Click to expand this map for a clearer view of all Fortnite NPCs.
Click to expand this map for a clearer view of all Fortnite NPCs.

You’ll notice this season’s NPCs are often bunched together. That’s due in part to the themes they fit. The pack at Greasy Grove are some of the game’s fast food mascots, so they’re all hanging out in the food court area of the island. The Joneses are convening out of protest, according to the in-game dialogue, so naturally, they’ve all set up camp together. All of the cuddly characters have set up their own encampment as well.

In future updates, we’ll get new NPCs, with new Exotic and Mythic weapons, and new quests too. We’ll update our list and map along the way so you can stay on top of getting to know everyone throughout Chapter 3, Season 1.

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