For Honor Gets Very Silly With Its April Fools' Day Playground Edition Mode

Be careful to not be too distracted by the shiny rainbows and colorful confetti during executions.


For Honor is usually a grim and bloody game pitting history's greatest warrior cultures against one another in brutal combat, but for a single day, it's about to get a whole lot more silly. Embracing the spirit of April Fool's Day, Ubisoft has added a new mode called Playgrounds Edition that is full of plastic swords, rainbows, and squeaky sound effects when an intimidating Viking is bashed on the head with a foam hammer. You don't have long to try it out though, as this mode will only be available until April 2 at 9:30 AM PT / 12:30 PM PT.

Fans have constantly asked Ubisoft to nerf certain characters, and judging by the number of giant foam darts being fired in the trailer below, it looks like those requests are finally being granted.

For Honor is currently in its fifth year of post-launch support and has grown its roster to include 28 heroes so far. Year 5 of the slash-em-up kicked off on March 11 with a crossover event featuring items themed after Yacht Club's Shovel Knight, and the game's biggest Testing Grounds ever will go live from April 1-8. Testing Grounds serve as an environment that allows players to try and give feedback on proposed changes to heroes before these revamped characters are integrated back into the live game.

Today has seen plenty of April Fool's jokes carried out by the gaming industry so far. Bugsnax teased that it was removing all of its creepy bugs, a body pillow with the striking image of Mehrunes Dagon from Elder Scrolls Online seems like a perfectly reasonable purchase, and Razer is finally introducing RGB hair dye. You can see all this and more in our April Fool's day roundup.

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