April Fools' Day 2021: Here Are The Best, Worst, And Best-Worst Gaming Gags Today

April Fools' Day is all about tricks, lies, and silly gags, and we're here to help you navigate it.


Today is April 1, and that means there's somewhat more lying than usual taking place on the internet. The annual April Fools' Day tradition brings plenty of fake news announcements from companies, usually poking some lighthearted fun at their own expense. And to help you navigate this dishonesty debauchery, we've rounded up all the best, worst, and most groan-worthy gags.

Some of these are just silly gags or strange concepts, while others are actually special playable games or events. Jokes are funnier when you explain them in exhaustive detail, so let's dive right in.

BugSnax Removes Bugs

Young Horses says it is rebranding its gonzo-adventure game BugSnax in response to some feedback.

Darksiders Announces Dark Ciders

What better thing to drink while you're controller one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse than a refreshing apple cider? Three are even alcohol-free, while Strife's contains 6.66% alcohol.

Moving Out Cartoon Is Perfect

This trailer for an "animated series" based on Moving Out repurposes the greatest sitcom theme of all time.

PUBG Brings Back 1991 Arcade Game "POBG"

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was a trailblazer for the battle royale genre, and for a limited time it's bringing back some (fake) retro nostalgia. PUBG is hosting a limited time Playeromnom's Battlegrounds (POBG) mode within PUBG, a top-down arcade shooter that pits you against an army of chickens. The special mode is available on PC through April 12, and it will be available for console players April 8-19.

Cuddle Up With an ESO Demon

A body pillow with the striking image of Mehrunes Dagon from Elder Scrolls Online lets you drift off to pleasant, completely normal sleep.

Razer Introduces RGB Hair Dye

The company known for putting RGB lighting on pretty much everything gets in your hair.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Event is a Real Flop

The new Max Raid event in Pokemon Sword and Shield is both clearly a joke, and also, absolutely real.

G Fuel Partners With Sonic On Chili Dog Flavor

Gaming drink brand G Fuel announced a partnership with Sonic--well, Sanic, really--on a new drink flavor based on his favorite food: chili dogs. You can even join a waitlist.

Capcom Makes Street Fighter-Themed Kitty Cat Game

Capcom has combined two of the internet's obsessions--Street Fighter and cats--into a playable puzzle game called Neco Drop 2.

Rainbow Six Siege Event Adds a Splash of Color

A trailer for the "Rainbow is Magic" event in R6 Siege shows how colorful the game can be. It's actually playable through April 5.

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Control Demake Brings Supernatural Shooter to PlayStation

A trailer from Remedy shows off how its acclaimed supernatural shooter might have looked a few generations ago.

Overwatch Gets All Googly

Blizzard brought back its Overwatch gag from last year, putting googly eyes on all the characters. This year Blizzard has added the ability to turn off googly eyes, if for some reason you hate hilarity.

Fortnite Offers GameStonks Skin

After all the hubub over the GameStop stock's wild ride, it only makes sense that it would be immortalized somewhere. Epic is now offering an extremely limited time skin under the name Diamond Hans.

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For Honor Gets Kid-Friendly

The brutal battle game For Honor has gotten a "Playground Edition" update that replaces all the weapons with toys, so you can play warrior just like you did in your backyard.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Patch Notes Suspiciously Favorable to Zeus

A set of (fake) patch notes for Immortals: Fenyx Rising seem to have sprung from the mind of Zeus himself.

  • Fixed Zeus not having his proper six-pack
  • Fixed an issue where Prometheus didn't laugh at enough of Zeus’ very funny jokes
  • Fixed an issue where Typhon stole the powers of the Gods
  • Fixed an issue where Zeus was not shown as the hero
  • Fixed Prometheus' sour attitude

NewEgg Lists Beverage Dispenser Gaming PC

Newegg has listed a wild product idea: a beverage dispenser with a 1200ml fluid capacity, built right into a PC gaming rig. The price? A completely believable $10,010.10.

Hearthstone Honors Bob

Blizzard's social media dropped a card concept honoring the bartender Bob, the character who shepherds you through the popular Battlegrounds auto-chess mode. But it also notes the card isn't actually a real one in your collection, which is a good thing because it's super-OP.

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