Five Ways SSX Reinvents Itself

SSX makes its return after a five-year vacation. We highlight what makes it different from previous games in the series.


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The latest entry in EA's snowboarding popular snowboarding series is available on February 28. We've compiled a small list of features to help get you caught up on just how different this SSX is from its predecessors.


As we've seen with Autolog and Battlelog before it, RiderNet is your way of connecting with friends, racing against them, and posting scores. It lets you go all out to prove that you're the best SSX player around. RiderNet will appeal to you in the number of ways you can compete against friends and earn rewards. The longer you are better than your friends, the more rewards you get. You don't even have to be playing, and if your friends can't beat your score, you still earn credits.

RiderNet will give you the option of selecting which of your friends to focus on and letting you race only in the races where they have better scores than you. On top of that, with recommendations, you'll get around a dozen course suggestions, so picking the next challenge to beat will never require you to do a lot of searching.

And just like Autolog, RiderNet will have an app that lets you not only track your friends' progress on the various courses, but also send them messages outside of the game to really rub in your greatness over them. Who doesn't love to intimidate while stuck in a boring meeting or on the bus?

Global Events

On top of racing and challenging friends, being able to compete in global events against hundreds of thousands of players around the world for snow supremacy should be quite a treat. In these events, you can go after the highest score on a particular peak, and if you think you can do better, you can try it as many times as you want before the event ends. Online is the focus in SSX, and the better you are, the more rewarding being that awesome is. Rewards for global events will be based on percentages. The top score, along with those within 3 percent of it, will get diamond status. But even if you're not good enough to diamond an event, you can settle for platinum, gold, silver, or bronze. The rewards will work dynamically based on the number of people who take part. You'll want a lot of people taking part, so when you win it, you have even more reason to gloat.

Deadly Descents

Want to experience the thrill of a squirrel suit? Perhaps you enjoy racing through areas filled with fallen trees and other debris. Well, the Survive It courses in SSX will have you riding through some extremely dangerous locations in the hopes of lasting as long as possible. A cool aspect of these courses is that even after you successfully reach the bottom, you get right back in the chopper, return to the peak of the mountain, and do it over again. Surviving a descent down a mountain once is nice, but doing it three times is super rewarding.


Apparently geocaching is a popular thing, and SSX will have its own version of it online. You can buy and place geotags on courses and have your friends try to collect them. The rewards work the same way as being the best on a course; the longer your geotag is in a spot without someone collecting it, the more you earn. It's up to you where you place them on a given mountain, so picking a spot you think others won't be able to get to will be a game in itself.


Customization isn't new to the SSX series, but customization goes further thanks to the number of race types, specifically the different Deadly Descents courses that you'll encounter. Character progression goes up to level 10, so you'll want to unlock the coolest gear to be successful down a mountain. You can unlock and purchase different snowsuits and boards, and items like armor, oxygen tanks, geotags, and other treats will help separate you from your competition. Leveling up a character won't take long, especially if you're a seasoned SSX player, so the only thing separating you from getting the coolest gear is the amount of free time you have available.

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no split screen is just ridiculous on a game like SSX

Avatar image for DanieltheDead

...and yet another clueless developer who neglects local multiplayer.

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No multi, no split screen, you cant play live with your friends? wtf?

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In answer to the first video .. No, probably not

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SPLITSCREEN? That's what me and my brother LOVED about SSX.

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Hey all, I saw the mistake regarding GeoMods actually being GeoTags. We had corrected it last night but our server wasn't updating properly. (if you had noticed the date was saying November 2011 and not January). It should be fixed. Thanks to all those who noticed passed the test.

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Remember me about old school Tony Hawk games...but with snow and better.

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I was going to break out my old PS2 to play Tricky. That was so much fun. Hope they haven't spoiled this one by taking it too seriously.

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Does anyone else think it looks a tad easy..? The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is solid, but it doesn't look all that challenging. They appear to land every single move they attempt, regardless of what terrain they land on or at what angle.. For example on video 2 at 1:10.. the dude lands sideways after rotating about 1080 :?

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Sounds so good! Only thing is I hope we will have a game mode to freeplay by yourself against AI which I haven't picked up on this game lately but I guess there will be. Nice to know this game has a stiff balance of challenges to enjoy and that online play is not really neglected at all when it comes to it's qualities. I'm STILL getting this game worth the is time again to face huge glory in nature in reality in 1 game puts the game a major step higher, let the real fun begin!

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I haven't been this excited for a game in a very long while.Day one buy for me.Now can we get a new NBA streets in the near future?

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i must admit ive never been much of a fan, but this looks huge...

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SSX is freeken awesome, cant wait.

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FIFA 12. FIFA street. SXX. grand slam tennis. EA sport u rock!!!

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Ahhh. Gotcha.

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SSX and FIFA Street in the same year. its like i am in heaven i can remember playing SSX on Tour on my PS2 .good ol' days

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@seAzhrei - in order to place a GeoTag marker on the map, you have to reach that particular spot. What happens is that as you race, you can hit the right bumper and instead of rewinding, you hit another button which places the marker in that particular spot. You can't just hover around the map and place it in an impossible spot.

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@FallenOneX Mine will too XD

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So, umm, what exactly is stopping you from putting these geo-thingamadohickys way up on a side wall cliff face where nobody COULD possibly reach them? I'm not entirely clear on this.

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...err playable demo via psn network

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geotags actually seems like a pretty rad mechanic, i used to play ssx so much when i was younger might be interested in this...but not breakin out the cash till i see a demo!

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My wife is going to learn to love this game.......

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Looking forward to this game

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the only game base on sport that I actually will play

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Just one month and 3 days now left, Can't Wait.

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wow.. that seriously sucked... I'd rather play the original SSX again. Least it had some semblance of reality.

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Great game anyways :)

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What, you cant drop off the board? Spotted at least 2 times he should definitely fall off the board.

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looks cool

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The only thing that interests me is the gliding suit. SSX 3 was a great game...this looks no different.

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Wow, wow. Can't wait to play this!

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get the game "inversion" it will be great !

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Splitscreen multiplayer I hope!

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Geotags, not geomods.

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Day one buy. I live 30 minutes away from the SSX studio

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Hey @Lockedge - the tricks are all button pressed. You press X and B (on your 360 controller) and you will grab the front or back of the board, while hitting the right trigger will do trick's back to the old control scheme. As for level design, just watch the clips above and I can assure you that the courses are plentiful and well varied.

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Hopefully there's input sensitive combos. I felt their absence in all the SSX games since SSX3. If it's just "move analog sticks in a direction each" I probably won't play this game all that often. Here's hoping for good level design

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so pumped for online, hopefully theres no "monster trick" overuses

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It will be great but I think online is goin2be so hard cuz of existence of hardcore players & it isn't easy as shooting people in team DM or DM