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    Awful choice. Syndicate and the Hearts of Stone expansion to TW3 are far better than Halo 5. Halo 5 like all others was miss marketed and was just OK with a very weak story that got higher scores tha...

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    Videos play fine on Facebook but they never work on here. Ever going to get a better video player on here?

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    Couldn't login last night and haven't been able to login today. I've tried for 3 hours and I'm frustrated. If I can't login tonight I'm just gonna return it tomorrow and get a different game.

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    Saw you're name and had to send a message. I never have seen anyone online with the same last name as I and was wondering where you are from? My names David Plumley. I game on PS4 - Skyyplum
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    Well, I don't hate the new look here at GameSpot but then again I certainly don't love it and right off the bat I have to see anot...