First Wave of Xbox One/PC Cross-Buy Limited to In-Game Items, DLC

"We will continue to listen to our fans and evaluate what's best for each individual game."


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new cross-buy feature for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. At the time, it was believed that it would work similarly to what we've seen elsewhere, including PlayStation systems, where you could get access to full games across multiple devices. But now, Microsoft has confirmed that cross-buy for Xbox One/PC is limited--for now at least--to in-game items and DLC.

"Cross-buy for games like Fable Legends and Gigantic refers to in-game purchases and downloadable content that can be accessed whether you are playing on Xbox One or Windows 10," a Microsoft representative said in a statement to GameSpot, first reported on by Kotaku.

Looking to the future, Microsoft stressed that all cross-buy plans will be formulated on a game-by-game basis.

"As we bring more titles to Windows 10 and Xbox One and enable rich cross-device scenarios, we will continue to listen to our fans and evaluate what's best for each individual game."

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The Xbox One/PC cross-buy feature was announced at the Game Developers Conference in March. It is made possible by way of Microsoft's Windows Universal App Platform. To demonstrate how easy this is to use, Microsoft said Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games was able to port the game to Xbox One in a single day using the platform.

With Windows 10's launch last week, Microsoft took things further in the PC gaming space. The operating system features an all-new Xbox gaming app and allows for Xbox One-to-PC streaming. Windows 10 also has Cortana integration and a new browser called Edge.

These are just some of the changes; be sure to read CNET's full review for everything you need to know.

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