Windows 10 Out Now

"Microsoft gets it right."


The day has arrived. Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating system and the follow-up to the controversial Windows 8 (there was no Windows 9), launched on Wednesday--and you can probably get it for free.

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GameSpot sister site CNET has a full review of Windows 10. Editor Nate Ralph wrote, "Microsoft gets it right."

"Windows 10 delivers a refined, vastly improved vision for the future of computing with an operating system that's equally at home on tablets and traditional PCs," he said.

As part of a special offer, Windows 7 and 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for the first year after launch. In other Windows 10 gaming news, Microsoft recently published a set of instructions for how PC owners can start playing the "whole new" version of Minecraft for Windows 10 starting today.

Check out this page for detailed instructions on how to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 features an all-new Xbox gaming app, Cortana integration, and a new browser called Edge. These are just some of the changes; be sure to read CNET's full review for everything you need to know.

Windows 8, released in October 2012, was controversial in part because of its touch-focused tile design that was dramatically different to Windows 7. Microsoft addressed these criticisms with frequent--and substantial updates--including Windows 8.1. The company isn't starting over with Windows 10, but Microsoft appears to be taking a more measured approach with its latest OS.

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