Final Fantasy III journeys to iOS

Square Enix launches graphically enhanced DS edition of classic RPG on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch today; iPad version due in April.

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Well over four years after Square Enix revamped and rereleased Final Fantasy III for the DS, the 3D adventures of Luneth, Ingus, Arc, and Refia have made their way to Apple's iOS platforms. Today, Square Enix said that a 3D remake of Final Fantasy III is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and an iPad version is expected to launch next month.

Based on the original Final Fantasy III, which saw first release in Japan for the Famicom (aka Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1990, Square Enix's 3D remake featured the aforementioned new playable characters, along with their accompanying backstories. Square Enix also made a handful of tweaks to the game's character classes and introduced new job-specific items.

Final Fantasy III on iOS benefits from a 2D, 3D update.
Final Fantasy III on iOS benefits from a 2D, 3D update.

Square Enix said that it has further refined Final Fantasy III's 3D graphics for the iOS installments. The game also makes use of touch-screen controls in a fashion similar to other Final Fantasy releases for the iOS.

Final Fantasy III can be downloaded worldwide through Apple's App Store for $16.

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