Final Fantasy III journeys to iOS

Square Enix launches graphically enhanced DS edition of classic RPG on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch today; iPad version due in April.


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Well over four years after Square Enix revamped and rereleased Final Fantasy III for the DS, the 3D adventures of Luneth, Ingus, Arc, and Refia have made their way to Apple's iOS platforms. Today, Square Enix said that a 3D remake of Final Fantasy III is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and an iPad version is expected to launch next month.

Based on the original Final Fantasy III, which saw first release in Japan for the Famicom (aka Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1990, Square Enix's 3D remake featured the aforementioned new playable characters, along with their accompanying backstories. Square Enix also made a handful of tweaks to the game's character classes and introduced new job-specific items.

Final Fantasy III on iOS benefits from a 2D, 3D update.
Final Fantasy III on iOS benefits from a 2D, 3D update.

Square Enix said that it has further refined Final Fantasy III's 3D graphics for the iOS installments. The game also makes use of touch-screen controls in a fashion similar to other Final Fantasy releases for the iOS.

Final Fantasy III can be downloaded worldwide through Apple's App Store for $16.

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SquareEnix has progessively released their software at more and more expensive prices. I don't know how good I feel this is in terms of business strategy =\

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My question is, is there some kind of pause or if you hit home does it save state? I wish you could xfer saves from Iphone to your Ipad ect.

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Give me dragon quest!

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so glad they are planning to make a ipad version too awesome! would be nice if they did that for final fantasy I and II too!

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LOL $16 for a game from the App Store, when you can get Infinity blade and a host of others for a fraction of that? WHAT.A.JOKE.SQUARE ENIX Sure I can afford $16, but I'm not going to, it just encourages you to keep releasing sub par 90s games at stupid prices

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they can't optimize the game for android because it has a zillion different phones with different hardware configurations whereas there's only a few iDevices. it's called "fragmentation" and is a big reason why android fails hard when it comes to a

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Hoping by the time I finish part 1 & 2 on the iPhone, this will be on sale. I wouldn't mind, but $16 is just a bit much for an iPhone game. But iPhone games are always going on sale, especially holiday weekends. I patiently waited for 1 & 2 to drop from their normal $9 prices and got them both for $4 each :) If only they updated them to work with iOS4 multitasking!

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Nice, might get this one but i need to finish I and II first :?

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Definate purchase, easy decision made! which jobs to specialise into...

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Good game, bad price. Especially on a touch screen phone.

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Only idiots are goin to spend $16 for this, every single iphone or ipod touch owner out there either already own a ds or someone in their family or friends has one anyway This pricing is a joke

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It is? I so want this, but $16? Final Fantasy VII on PSN with full controls costs less than that. You should fire your marketers.

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Where's the Android version? Come on, you need to release this game for Android smart phones! It's a bigger crowd than the i-crowd!

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I might get this when the price drops, since I've never played FFIII. I would love a FFVI remake, but on 3DS or NGP. FFVI is too good to be made into an iPhone app.

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already bought this for my DS. Why would I pay again? Besides, these are all easily playable for free with emulators and things like virtual nes (the originals... except maybe for foreign titles... which the NES version of FF3 is... I played a poor translation on an emulator 12 years ago. The FF5 translation was much better... if inaccurate. But those were the only way to play these games once upon a time, unless you could read Japanese Kanji... which I can't.

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Ahh, no thanks. It's better on DS.

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Sqaure Enix needs to hire new people in marketing... Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6-9 would make a killer sale if was re-re-released with enhance graphics and music. PS2 graphics at least!

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Graphics look fantastic!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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ALL of the Square games on the App Store are WAY WAY WAY too expensive. There's other games just as long or longer than all of the Square games at much cheaper prices... I wouldn't mind getting their stuff if they'd at least have a sale sometimes like EA, Sega, Gameloft, and Ubisoft do.

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@punanisher Agreed. 'More over-priced re-releases' is right on the money. Since most things Square has published this gen has been mediocre or less, guess they are back into the never-ending, over priced ports.

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Since they remade Final Fantasy IV for NDS and a enhanced port to PSP, I'm hoping they make a NDS/3DS version for FFV and than a enhanced port of it on PSP/NGP. If you think about it, it makes sense, its been 20 years since FFIV came out.

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I hope they port the FFIV remake next. The iPad COULD be an awesome platform for classic Final Fantasy games. What's really cool is the prospect of being able to play FF battles by touching the characters and monsters on screen. When the ATB fills, you touch the character to activate them. A wheel of options appear around, depending on their abilities (Example: Attack, Black Magic, Defend, Item). You touch the wheel icon representing attack, then touch the monster you want to hit (or another character if you're healing). Another feature I'd like to see is being able to move your character through the world by touching the place on the screen where you want them to walk. Digital d-pads tend to be cumbersome to use. I think the point an click movement style of classic Sierra games like Kings Quest VI or Space Quest IV would be better suited for FF movement functions in this age of touchscreen controls. This type of play could make Apple the best platform for classic Japanese RPG ports, not unlike iPad version of 'Plants Vs. Zombies', which many consider the best version of the game. With touchscreen technology you can even speed up the battles to make them more exciting. I hope Square is thinking about all these options as they port this title. If not, there's always Final Fantasy IV.

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still nothing for droid... theres a shock

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I would like a VI remake, IV would be great too... though iv'e played it to death already on so many systems. Personally i thought FFI through III were poo.

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How about Final Fantasy VI? That's what I want to see. I don't see why that would be difficult to do for iOS.

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More overpriced re-re-releases from Squeenix. I would gladly pay $80 for a new (not old, not remixed, not revamped, not upgraded, not redesigned) Chrono game or Xenogears. Hell, I'd buy any new, traditional RPG Square-Enix released for the Wii, 360, or PS3. But alas, what we get is a Japanese only NES game re-designed and re-released on the DS for the US being ported to the App Store for $16. Oh hooray.

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Yes, because a rough-hewn ham-fisted RPG is just what everyone loves. If you're going to re-release a Final Fantasy game for a low-powered handheld, re-release IV, V or VI. Otherwise, you're wasting our money and time.

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16 dollars? I can get a new copy of the DS version for 13 bucks including shipping.

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If you haven't played it yet you can probably just get a used DS copy for $5 at Gamestop. Overall it's kinda meh. There's a reason they skipped over releasing it in the US the first time around. Not the worst, but there are definitely much better Final Fantasy games.

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I have FF 1 and 2 for the ipad and iphone. Their ok but I think I'll stick to the ds and psp for the handled final fantasy games. Plus I would rather support actual games instead of apps.

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Sixteen bucks!?! 0_o I wasn't gonna get it in the first place, but that price is just freaking stupid!

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ahh 3 was probaly my least favorite, an im still yet to play 6 dangit, an i realllly wanna play 6, soooo release 6 on somthing, ANYTHING!!!!

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And we still don't get a port of the original FF3 outside of Japan...

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FF games are like a unending zombie horde

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About half as much as the DS version when it launched. Wonder how awful the controls are.