Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leaks; Datamining Means Spoilers Are Out There

The demo has not actually been announced yet, though.


A demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has recently leaked, revealing a nicely nostalgic opening cinematic. Fans digging into the game's PS4 code have found plenty of other details, many of which Square Enix didn't intend to make public quite yet. As a result, spoilers are now out in the open due to this datamining. [Update: In order to further polish the game, Square Enix has delayed Final Fantasy VII Remake until April.]

Ars Technica reports that the demo is similar but slightly longer than the one available at E3 2019, but the most interesting nuggets of information came from those exporting its files to PC and picking them apart. Storyboards and renders have revealed some characters and outfits, which serve as potential story spoilers. None of this necessarily means these will be in the final game, but if you're spoiler-phobic be aware that details are floating about.

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The leaks come from a demo that appears to be made for public use, since it ends with directing the player to pre-purchase the game through the PlayStation Store. No plans have been announced to release the demo, however, so we're not sure when it will be publicly available.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming on March 3 on PS4. This is the first part of a planned series, and Square Enix has indicated this first part will essentially cover the story through the exit of Midgar. No release plans have been announced for the subsequent chapters. Check out GameSpot's FF7 Remake pre-order guide for more details.

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