Final Fantasy 15's New PS4 Pro Patch Criticized, Watch How It Performs

"At this point, both the Xbox One and standard PlayStation 4 now provide a smoother experience."


The newest patch for Final Fantasy XV arrived on Monday, promising to add an improved frame rate on PlayStation 4 Pro. Digital Foundry tested the patch and found that it does not help the game achieve 60 frames-per-second consistently. Additionally, the patch removes removes the 30 FPS cap from the game's "Lite" mode on PS4 Pro, which results in a "highly variable level of performance."

"As of now, there is no longer a way to enjoy Final Fantasy XV with a smooth, stable frame rate on the PS4 Pro," Digital Foundry said in a new video (below), as spotted by and reported on by Polygon. "Your only options are bad frame-pacing at a higher resolution or a wildly unstable unlocked frame rate. That's it."

Final Fantasy XV lets PS4 Pro users choose between "Lite" and "High" performance modes. Before the new patch, the Lite mode made Final Fantasy XV run at 1080p/30fps. The High mode made the resolution jump to 1800p with checkerboard rendering. With the update applied, the Lite mode retains its 1080p resolution, but the frame rate runs at around 40-50 fps, the same marks as in November. Only when you're staring at the ground will the game reach 60 fps on Lite mode, apparently.

The High mode doesn't fare much better, it seems, and could be a step backwards. Overall, the standard PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the game are a better choice for players looking for the best technical experience, the site said.

"At this point, both the Xbox One and standard PlayStation 4 now provide a smoother experience," Digital Foundry said. "PS4 still exhibits minor frame-pacing issues but the problem is less pronounced than the Pro's flagship high mode. Xbox One uses an adaptive v-sync solution that produces completely smooth frame-pacing throughout, leading to a stable experience. There is additional slowdown on Xbox One and a lower resolution overall, but at this point, Microsoft's system still provides the most consistent frame rate.

"In some ways, patch 1.05 actually feels like a retrograde step as opposed to a desirable upgrade."

For more on the new patch, watch the video above and read Digital Foundry's writeup here.

In other news, Square Enix recently reached out to ask fans what they wanted from Final Fantasy XV in the future. Announced updates include a change to the controversial Chapter 13 and a new character creation tool, while Japanese players recently received some wacky cup noodle hat DLC.

For more on Sony's upgraded console, meanwhile, check out our complete list of every PS4 Pro game that is and isn't getting an upgrade patch.

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