Final Fantasy 15 Survey Asks You To Help "Shape The Future" Of The Game

Share your thoughts with Square Enix.


Following the record-setting launch of Final Fantasy XV last year, publisher Square Enix has launched a survey for it, asking fans for their input to help "shape the future" of the game.

The survey asks 24 questions in all, beginning with basics like your age and gender, as well as whether or not you've played Final Fantasy XV. If you haven't, the survey will ask why. The first part of the survey is fairly straightforward, but it gets more potentially interesting closer to the end.

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One of the last questions is about DLC. It asks people to explain in a few sentences how they feel about season passes and DLC; answers don't have to be specific to Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has already announced Final Fantasy XV DLC and a season pass, so perhaps the publisher is looking to tweak it.

The final question might be the best one. It says, "If you ask one thing to the developers of Final Fantasy XV, what would it be?" You can then fill it whatever response you want. We can only imagine what some people will write in.

You can take the survey here.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix and Nissin have teamed up for cup noodle hat DLC. Really.

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