Final Fantasy 15's Moogles Revealed

Moogles will be in doll form in Final Fantasy XV, apparently.


As teased, Final Fantasy XV will indeed have Moogles, Square Enix has confirmed.

The recently launched Moogle-themed teaser site's countdown clock has reached zero, revealing how Moogles work in Final Fantasy XV and a promotion called Moogle Collection.

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As explained on the site, a Moogle is a "lucky item" that appears in Final Fantasy XV. They will appear in doll-form. "Take Moogle dolls and goods as your lucky charm to help avoid all kinds of troubles," Square Enix said. "Maybe Moogle will help out when Noctis and his friends are in a tight spot."

A Moogle-themed reward program, Moogle Collection, has also been announced. For every new follower to the official Final Fantasy XV English and Japanese Twitter accounts, a new Moogle will appear. When the number of new Moogles reaches a "certain amount," users will receive a Moogle reward.

These rewards have not been revealed, but the website suggests there will be at least seven of them, in addition to a "Moogle Movie,"though it is unclear what that is.

Go to the Final Fantasy XV Moogle website to learn more.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more, check out GameSpot's new feature,"Lessons From the Opening Hours of Final Fantasy XV." You can also watch a new trailer that shows off the game's Death magic and the Bandersnatch creature.

In other news about Final Fantasy, 24-year Square Enix veteran Yusuke Naora recently announced his departure from the studio. His last project was Final Fantasy XV, where he served as art director.

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