Final Fantasy 15 Countdown Site Teasing Something Moogle-Related

Square Enix tells fans to prepare for some Moogle footage.


Square Enix has launched a new Final Fantasy XV countdown site that appears to be teasing something related to Moogles. There isn't much to go on, but we see a patchwork silhouette of a Moogle that is placed over a depiction of the game's Duscae region as if it was sewn (via Nova Crystallis).

The countdown clock on the site will expire tonight at midnight Eastern. We'll report back tomorrow with the details as they're made available.

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Square Enix held a Twitter poll in 2015 asking if people want to see Moogles in Final Fantasy XV. Respondents overwhelmingly said they did. "We'll be showing them off very soon!" reads a tweet today from the Final Fantasy XV account.

A Moogle is a creature in the Final Fantasy fiction that debuted in Final Fantasy III, going on to make an appearance in many games that followed. How they'll be involved in Final Fantasy XV's world and story remains to be seen.

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more, check out GameSpot's new feature, "Lessons From the Opening Hours of Final Fantasy XV." You can also watch a new trailer that shows off the game's Death magic and the Bandersnatch creature.

In other news about Final Fantasy, 24-year Square Enix veteran Yusuke Naora recently announced his departure from the studio. His last project was Final Fantasy XV, where he served as art director.

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