Far Cry 6 - Where To Find All Unique Weapons

Far Cry 6 has plenty of unique weapons waiting to be discovered, and we've got locations for all of them.


There's no shortage of firepower in Far Cry 6, and while each available firearm comes with its own pros and cons, unique weapons are more exotic options to utilize while exploring the island of Yara.

While they can't be altered on a workbench, unique weapons do come with extra modifications that make them perfect for certain situations. Some rifles are great for shredding the armor off of cars, some bows are perfect for hunting expeditions, and there's at least one shotgun that looks like it was designed by a massive Atari fan.

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These weapons are scattered across Yara, and you'll stumble on them during the game's campaign, through certain treasure hunts, or by blind luck. Or if you'd prefer, you can consult our maps below on where to find these weapons exactly.


Blood Drunk

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You can grab this pistol during the Naploen El Pequeno mission. The trunk containing it can be found near the PC in Jose's Villa in Costa Del Mar.

The Autocrat

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One of the best pistols for dealing with rank and file grunts can be found early in the game, during the Du or Die mission. Once Fort Quito has been cleared out, check the weapons storage room in the underground dock to find this gun. Smash the wooden barricade broken on the side, and the jewel-encrusted sidearm is all yours.

Lethal Dose

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This pistol can be earned as a reward during the Mongoose And The Man treasure hunt. To find the mission, go to the village of Siniestra in Costa Del Mar and look for the elevated house.

El Florecer

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In the Fontana Fort, located in Sierra Perdida's Vacia Coast, you can find this pistol at the rear of the base.

El Regalo De Clara

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You'll earn this pistol as a mission reward from Clara during the course of the game.

Pistola Sportiva

Search El Maraton Field in West Lado. Exact location coming soon.


Rococo Loco

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An easy acquisition, the first thing you'll need to do once you have the resources is build a Bandidos Operations hub at one of your bases. Your first successful Bandido Operation will reward you with this golden auto-pistol, which has a ludicrously massive ammo drum magazine.

El General

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In the bunker inside of the Vencejo Prado Meadows, you can grab this high-ranking auto-pistol from its storage crate.


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Climb to the top of the Golfo Vasto Lighthouse to find this auto-pistol. The lighthouse can be found in Cienaga Nublada's national park, inside of the Balaceras region.


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It might look like it belongs to Robocop, but this silenced armor-annihilating auto-pistol traces its roots back to Far Cry's Blood Dragon expansion. To get it, you'll need to own either Far Cry 6's Gold or Ultimate Edition.


Iron Curtain

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At the El Tigre Dormido Hotel, it's time for a dip at the Burro Bay docks in Cape Santa Maria. Jump into the ocean, keep your eyes open for the trademark crocodile crate that's right at the edge of the docks, and you'll be rewarded with the Russian-themed SMG.

Turn of the Century

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At the Resplandor Agriculture plant in Lozania's Palma Forest, check the open barn to find this resplendent SMG.

Carriage Carnage

Search the destroyed railway bridge near the Castillo National Zoo. Exact location coming soon.

Streamline Moderne

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Head on over to the FND Second Armored Division military base in Lozania's Palma Forest region to find this retro death-dealer. Once the base is clear, you can check for it in the weapon depo room where it's kept in storage.

DIY Death

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Pay a visit to the small town of Concepcion in the Conuco region, and head over to the Resolver Quarter. Behind two busted cars in an open garage, you can grab this SMG.

The Heroic End

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North of the Dorada Caves in La Joya you'll find the People's Pride Clinic, as well as a fearsome SMG inside the research tent.


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This nifty SMG can be found during the Bury the Hatchet mission, in a trunk at the La Raja Bar in Lozania's Fuego Valley



Search the jungles near Lapida Mogote. Exact location coming soon.

El Capirote

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This silent death-dealer is easy to obtain. All you have to do is construct a Hunting Lodge at one of your main headquarters, and you'll be handed the versatile bow as a reward.


Death Rites

Search Maldito. Exact location coming soon.

F**k Anton

Maybe Chorizo can help... Exact location coming soon.

Viva Libertad!

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This trusty rifle can be found at the Punto Norte Lighthouse. Travel to Prada Meadows in Vencenjo and check the garage next to the nautical structure to add this rebellious rifle to your collection.

Camo Quinceanera

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Found at the end of the Rising Tide treasure hunt.


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Roca Pequena SAT Station on the Rahe Plateau in Conuco is where you'll want to go to find this rifle, which can chomp entire pieces of armor off of soldiers with its deadly armor-piercing rounds.


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Easily found during the Radio Libertad mission, simply check the bed in Bicho's hideout to find this rifle that can shred vehicles apart. If you miss it, you can find his hiding hole by heading to El Rancho Bicho in the region of Noventarmas, just between El Tronco Waterfall and the Botanical Gardens of Yara.

Surf and Turf

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This rifle can be earned as a reward during the Crocodile Tears treasure hunt. To start the side-quest, head to the Ortega Croc Farm in Aguas Lindas.

Vaya Con Dios

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Head over to the airport in La Joya's Mirador Cape, and go to the top of the control tower to unlock another rifle for your arsenal.

One Ping Only

Complete the operation The Lion's Den. Exact location coming soon.

Noblesse Oblige

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In the Museum of the False Revolution, located in the Isabel Steppes of Conuco, check the exhibit to find this artifact on display. It doesn't belong in a museum!


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Esperanza's dockyard is the perfect place to grab a new rifle, and the Urushi doesn't disappoint with its terrific mods, lethality, and ostentatious design.


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Check the La Divinidad Cathedral in Esperanza's Old Pueblo district to find a rifle that spews incendiary rounds out of its retro-stylish barrel.


Crackle 'n Pop

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In the capital of Esperanza, check the rooftops between Hotel Paraiso and Torre Del Leon. This LMG is particularly useful for taking down enemy vehicles thanks to its explosive rounds and massive ammo reserves. Plus it looks neat.

Impact Driver

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For an old-school LMG, pop down to the Chancletas Resort in Barrial's Muerte Point. It might look like it's securely locked away in an outdoor shed, but you can climb onto a nearby building and hop into the enclosure to claim this heavy-duty weapon.

Sink or Swim

Search shipwrecks in the water near Barriga. Exact location coming soon.

Sniper rifles

El Depredador

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Upgrade your hunting lodge to its final form, and you'll be rewarded with a sniper rifle that's handy for taking down large game and enemy soldados.

Sobek Special

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This sniper rifle can be earned as a reward during the Cache Money treasure hunt. You can start this mission by visiting the Oasis Plains military storage facility in Aguas Lindas.

Double Clutch

Complete a Gran Premio race.

El Tirano

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At the top of the lighthouse in the Barrial region's Escila Fort, you can find another sniper rifle for your collection. If you're struggling to find a point from where you can grapple up to the top of the structure, make certain that you stand on a nearby building to get some elevation.

The Transubstantiator

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This bad medicine in sniper rifle form can be found in the Cielo Gardens in Noventarmas. Check for the open sewer outside of the base, head down, and you'll spot the crate holding this weapon.


This legendary sniper rifle from the far-off future year of 2007 can't be found in the game, as it'll be automatically unlocked as part of the Blood Dragon DLC set from Far Cry 6's Gold and Ultimate Editions.



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Don't miss this great shotgun during the Radio Libertad mission! Once you get to the Taino Peak relay Station in Noventarmas, go to the top of the control tower to find a shotgun which delivers a heck of a kick on impact.


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Search the shipping containers on the GDP Oil Platform in Cobre Shores to find this shotgun.


Head to the top of the Punto Este Lighthouse in Sagrado's Corto Cay to get your hands on this flashy shotgun.

El Rubi

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During the battle of Esperanza in the Torre Del Leon hotel, you can grab this shotgun on the ground floor before you head upstairs for a showdown with Anton Castillo.

Ciervo Macho

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Simply build and upgrade your Hunting Lodge to its second form, and you'll be rewarded with this shotgun that's devastating at close range.

The True Loyalist

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Like several other weapons in this guide, you'll need to take part in a treasure hunt to earn it. Drop down to the Lake of Lions in Noventarmas' Cielo Gardens, where you can find The Truest Yaran side-quest at the Gran Finca power station.

Excavation Execution

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After surviving the Long Drop treasure hunt in La Joya's Santos Espinosa Dam, you can pick up this compact shotgun as a reward.

RPGs And Grenade Launchers

La Guaracha

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In Segunda, located in the region of Cruz Del Salvador, you can find the crate holding this rocket launcher on the east side of the town.

El Caballero

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In the F.I. Escudo Steel Plant, located in the Cobre Shores of Aguas Lindas, you can find one of the best grenade launchers in Far Cry 6. Once you have the key and plant cleared, check the security room to pick it up.

La Petite Mort

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It's time for a Yaaar-an adventure in this treasure hunt! Swing down to Tormentoso Bay in Barial's Muerte Point, and start exploring the Sword-Crossed Lovers mission. Complete it, and you'll get an ancient weapon that's surprisingly effective in combat.

Into Orbit

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One of the best rocket launchers in Far Cry 6 can be found during the Liquid Courage treasure hunt in the Star Rocket brewery. Pay a visit to the location over in Del Toro Port on the north side of Noventarmas to start the quest.

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