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Far Cry 5 Is The Series' Fastest Selling Game Ever

That's a lot of Cheeseburgers.


Far Cry 5 has become the fastest-selling game in franchise history in its opening week, according to Ubisoft. The company claimed $310M USD in its first week, double the opening sales of previous franchise record-holder Far Cry 4. That also makes it the second-biggest launch ever for Ubisoft, behind The Division.

The announcement also mentions a few other launch week stats. Far Cry 5 was streamed for more than 55,000 hours. Players were were ambushed by 8,651 skunks, caught 5.1 million fish, and spent 1.1 million hours with Cheeseburger the bear. The most popular gun for hire was the pilot Nick Rye, while the most popular animal companion was Boomer the dog–which makes sense, given that he's a very good boy.

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We heard just this week that Far Cry 5 had hit the top spot on the UK sales charts, so this announcement isn't too surprising. This is the first time the open-world series has taken place in America. It's set in the fictional Hope County, Montana after an attempt to arrest the leader of a doomsday cult goes awry.

In GameSpot's Far Cry 5 review, Edmond Tran praised the vast open-world exploration and precise gunplay, though he found some story missions to be a chore. Fortunately there appears to be lots to see and do, including some clever Easter eggs to find. Currently the first live event has you burning animals to a crisp. If you're thinking of picking it up, make sure to check out our tips for beginners.

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