Far Cry 3 patch brings master difficulty and outpost resetting

Ubisoft release update for Far Cry 3 that brings tweaks and fixes for multplayer, alongside new difficulty and the option to reset outposts in single-player,


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 will be getting an upcoming patch which will feature a new difficulty mode and the ability to reset outposts in the single-player campaign, along with numerous multiplayer tweaks.

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When the patch is released--Ubisoft has not yet provided a date for it--players who've finished the game and conquered all the outposts will be given the "reset outposts" option from the gameplay options menu. Any incomplete side quests will also be reset, and the outpost will have to be retaken before these can be accessed.

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The master difficulty will make the game's wildlife more aggressive and its pirates tougher. "Worse than malaria," says the description for master difficulty in the game's menus--perhaps that's a sly reference to Far Cry 2?

Ubisoft is also adding a few tweaks to the multiplayer side of the game, making it easier to give feedback on maps, creating a beta map playlist to allow creators a productive environment to test their creations, and introducing a "skip map" voting system. Ubisoft detailed these changes on its forum.

Far Cry 3 received a 9.0 in its GameSpot review. "This is an ambitious and finely tuned adventure that gets better and better as you play," said reviewer Kevin VanOrd at the time.

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