Far Cry 3 patch brings master difficulty and outpost resetting

Ubisoft release update for Far Cry 3 that brings tweaks and fixes for multplayer, alongside new difficulty and the option to reset outposts in single-player,


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 will be getting an upcoming patch which will feature a new difficulty mode and the ability to reset outposts in the single-player campaign, along with numerous multiplayer tweaks.

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When the patch is released--Ubisoft has not yet provided a date for it--players who've finished the game and conquered all the outposts will be given the "reset outposts" option from the gameplay options menu. Any incomplete side quests will also be reset, and the outpost will have to be retaken before these can be accessed.

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The master difficulty will make the game's wildlife more aggressive and its pirates tougher. "Worse than malaria," says the description for master difficulty in the game's menus--perhaps that's a sly reference to Far Cry 2?

Ubisoft is also adding a few tweaks to the multiplayer side of the game, making it easier to give feedback on maps, creating a beta map playlist to allow creators a productive environment to test their creations, and introducing a "skip map" voting system. Ubisoft detailed these changes on its forum.

Far Cry 3 received a 9.0 in its GameSpot review. "This is an ambitious and finely tuned adventure that gets better and better as you play," said reviewer Kevin VanOrd at the time.

For more information on Far Cry 3, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for Ibowu

Thank God they added the reset outposts :D

Avatar image for Ibowu

Does this mean the WANTED: Dead Quests re-set as well?

Avatar image for SythisTaru

Hey look! They are doing something for their customers for free, and people hate them for it! You guys are the best :)

Avatar image for tito_raven

@SythisTaru I see your point. But it's not for free as you paid for the game. You ask "what as paying for the game have to do with the patch?" I'll tell you: Even not so long ago, there were this guys called TESTERS! and a game could spend 7 months in testing before release NOW we are the testers, finding horrible bugs and glitches and reporting them back. If you think about it, you should be paid to do this.

The last 3 games i invested came out riddled with Bugs, and 2 of them were from Ubisoft. I miss the time before internet reached consoles, where a game had to arrive to your hands COMPLETED.

Don't hate the haters if the haters have a point, else you'll just be another sheep in the ignorant masses.

Avatar image for jellyman68

@tito_raven Problem is, people like you will be the first to complain if a game gets delayed for 7 months to do some bug testing. The haters tend to be a bunch of morons that complain whenever they think they can get away with it.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@tito_raven @SythisTaru That would make sense, if games had more bugs these days than they used to; but they don't. Games, on average, have far less bugs than newly released games from years ago. I remember playing Planescape: Torment for the first time - it's my favorite game ever, but the amount of bugs I ran into was insane!

Avatar image for tito_raven

when does this comes out?

Avatar image for Baroni88

Why would I want to reset the outposts. Why can't they be retaken by the pirates. Make it more believeable. Resetting doesn't make it any better. Ugh.....

Avatar image for bluewall165

Well this burns my bacon! I accidently found myself at the end game (Meet Citra), and I hadn't yet finished off the last 4 outposts and got the rest of the relics. So I'm screwed out of really completing the game, and I will never be able to - because I'll be damned if I'm going to start over.

Avatar image for tito_raven

@bluewall165 why would you be screwed out of finishing the game. the only reported missable is the rellic inside the cave at the doctors house which closes when you finish the game

Avatar image for First_Gen_Gamer

How come when i played FC3 on co-op twice, it never saved the game?

How do you save co-op data

Avatar image for tito_raven

@First_Gen_Gamer offline or online?

Avatar image for xenounknown4


Avatar image for mr_azim

Wait.... does this patch add New Game +/Extended Play?

Avatar image for Mikey2K10

@mr_azim It would be great if it did.

Avatar image for TheFrostWolf

@mr_azim I really hope so.

Avatar image for TheGreyArea

Now that sounds good. I have only played the first couple of hours worth of this game (borrowed from a friend to assess). Maybe once I've free'd up some single player time after Bioshock, I'll give this a full-on go on the highest difficulty

Avatar image for Lei_11

Oh wow, since I quit playing farcry3 because of it being waaaay too easy, this is actually a great patch :D not sure I'll play it again though

Avatar image for Auriken

@Strider8009 I wonder how I'm talking out of my ass, and how exactly knowing about the Far Cry series equates to the problems you have in Far Cry 3. Try making more sense before you talk shit to somebody else.

Avatar image for Spectre1987

It wouldnt be challenging though if you could take down a bear or tiger with one shotgun blast, I think the difficulty for the animals is fine where it is, dont see the need to increase or decrease. AI tweaks to the human enemies would be welcome though, it really gets to easy when you can clear out an entire outpost with a silenced sniper rifle from a hill while the pirates just scramble around helplessly...kinnda start feeling bad for them you know. Should tweak it so that silencers degrade after a couple shots, & teach those pesky pirates better flanking maneuvers!

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Already played through the game and loved it, I don't feel the need to go back and play it.

Avatar image for ZuninoBR

Another major bummer which I've seen mentioned several times across the Far Cry 3 community is the inability to drag bodies. Sure, you can unlock the special "kill-and-drag" takedown, but being unable to pick up a dead body from the ground and drag it away from enemies' sight feels lacking. The stealth in the game could be greatly improved if this were implemented.

Avatar image for 96augment

@queuing_for_PS4 Apparently.

Avatar image for jagcivtec

Good tweaks coming, new difficulty is a mixed bag, tough as nails pirates is a good thing, more aggressive animals is a bad thing, they are pretty much armored already and able to take down a platoon of pirates easily while getting blasted with AK47's.

If they get any more advantages then the game will be you against animals because they will kill any and all pirates, which they are close to doing already in survivor difficulty. It's a serious balance issue, animals take full clips from pirates rifles and keep mowing them down while a single dog bite kills a pirate, get serious Ubisoft.

I need pirates to kill for the XP I gain towards unlocking new skills, animals don't give XP so they're worthless kills after you have the skins you need, so I rather have pirates survive animal attacks and not the other way around how it actually works.

Avatar image for ZuninoBR

@jagcivtec You've nailed it. It really bothered me during my playthrough just how resistant to damage most animals were, bears and tigers in particular. And just as yourself, the moment I read about a Master Difficulty, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd need 3 clips to bring down a tiger.

I wish the Far Cry team could read our messages. Since they are apparently listening to community feedback, you'd think they'd be aware of this complaint. Anyway, I propose that we try to make ourselves heard. If you guys agree, please tweet them @FarCrygame and let them know about how we'd like animals to have a more realistic HP.


Avatar image for jagcivtec

@ZuninoBR I have exposed this to them already at:


Hope they take note and fix this frustrating issue..

Avatar image for EmphaZima

@ZuninoBR @jagcivtec Great points. I'd also mention the frustration with large aggressive animals materializing right behind you while you try and stalk pirates. Also imagine hunting the special animals with just a crappy bow during the hunting missions. You may need an RPG to take down a bear.

Avatar image for Broodax

@EmphaZima @ZuninoBR @jagcivtec i never had a problem with the rare animals.....get its attention shoot in in the face with the bow 7 or 8 times its dead (exept for the great white maneater....i wasted all 30 arrows trying to hit him....i finally got him after 2 dives under to grab the arrows that missed

Avatar image for jagcivtec

@EmphaZima There is "kill 3 bears with a knife"

Avatar image for Vodoo
@jagcivtec Exactly! It would be much better if animals were able to be killed a bit more realisticl. It's almost impossible to kill a tiger with an assault rifle as is. Making them tougher is dumber than making them as tough as they are now, lol. I don't understand how this slipped through their QA dept..
Avatar image for kraken2109

@Vodoo @jagcivtec Protip: Flamethrower kills tigers in seconds.

Avatar image for thenephariouson

Im happy about the Reset 'Option' and am glad they implemented it via the Options menu as opposed to simply auto resetting the outposts willy-nilly.

All i can say about the 'Master' difficulty is...

Bring it on : )

Avatar image for firedrakes

fix the multiplayer bug. which makes it infinity load the game

Avatar image for d_train73

Greats news, and props to Ubi for hearing the complaints about the major flaw in this otherwise excellent game and fixing it.

Avatar image for CyberX115

I am so happy they're going to give the reset outposts option. I was unable to get the Fully Inked achievement because I had cleared all the outposts before I could get all the Skills maxed out, one of which required you to take 2 outposts undetected. I only had 1.

Avatar image for couly

Resetting outposts is a brilliant idea. They really got it right with FC3

Avatar image for whackyq

Ha, about time. Farcry got old a little too quickly for me...I just ran out of things to kill XD

Avatar image for Atomic_Gumshoe

YES!!!! Those of you who follow my comments will recall that these are two things that I specifically asked for!

Avatar image for Jedilink109

Apparently in order to reset the outposts however you have to clear ALL OF THEM FIRST. That's lame. And then once you do, it halts progression in the game until you do it all again. That's what I read on Kotaku anyway. Sounds really stupid they would force you to do them again just so you could reset them to play through those areas again. Whatever. If you mod the game then they'll be reset and you can play through them without having to stop progression or be forced to beat them all again.

Avatar image for Amster_G

YES! Just the other day I was complaining to a buddy of mine about how empty the maps feels after completing the story, outposts and other side quests. This is a patch I'll be looking out for!

Avatar image for DoctorTanaka

I skipped Far Cry 2 but I have to admit, I'm REALLY enjoying Far Cry 3. My only gripe is trying to track down bodies after a firefight. Trying to find bodies in all that tall grass is a pain. Would be nice if there were markers on the mini-map. Didn't Far Cry 1 mark bodies with an "X"s?

Avatar image for predaaaator

They fix that problem ADDING MORE ENEMIES, not making harderst, because is the same shit.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

Thanks, Ubisoft.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

@wexorian Orc.. but yes.

Avatar image for M3o5nster

@Strider8009 @Tarbun84 He never said anything about the MP/Map editor being tacked on... Take your misguided anger somewhere else.

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