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Fallout Episode 1 Is Free On Twitch This Week, Here's How To Watch It

When the series debuts on April 10, you can watch the first episode for free on Twitch.


The first episode of Prime Video's Fallout TV series will be available to watch completely free on Twitch. The video-streaming site, which is owned by Amazon, has confirmed that a select number of streamers will broadcast the series premiere on their channels on April 10.

All eight episodes debut on Prime Video on April 10, but only the first will be available to watch on Twitch. For the rest, you'll have to sign up for Prime Video or Amazon Prime.

The Fallout TV series premieres just days after Amazon removed the Prime Video Watch Party feature from Twitch that allowed select Twitch users with a Prime Video membership to watch Prime Video content with their fans. Some people are upset about the timing of the Prime Video Watch Party feature removal, which took place on April 2.

In any event, below you can find a list of streamers who will air the Fallout TV show debut episode on April 10. Note, however, that these streamers may talk over the episode, which is great if you are looking for that kind of experience. But if you want to watch an episode completely uninterrupted and on your own terms, this might not be the optimal option for you.

Watch Fallout Episode 1 on these Twitch channels:

  • /Shroud
  • /BrookAB
  • /TheOnlyRyann
  • /DEERE
  • /CohhCarnage
  • /KingGothalion
  • /ThatBronzeGirl
  • /DansGaming
  • /SweetTails
  • /Elspeth
  • /Techniq
  • /Swiftor
  • /GassyMexican
  • /Tooniversal
  • /bloodyfaster

For more, check out our Fallout review and the gallery below to find out everything you need to know about the Fallout show, including how to watch Fallout on Prime Video. You can also grab a bunch of free Fallout games on Prime Gaming right now. It's still early days, but it looks like Season 2 may be in the works already.

As for the Fallout game series, Fallout 5 is in the works, but no one should it expect it to release soon. The game is coming sometime after The Elder Scrolls VI.

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