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Fallout Season 2 Looks Likely

Season 2 may be in the works and could shift production to California for tax-break purposes.


Prime Video's Fallout TV series hasn't even debuted yet, but a second season is said to be in the works. The California Film Commission has announced its latest tax-incentive disbursements, and included in the list is $25 million in tax credits for Fallout Season 2.

Season 1 was primarily produced in New York, Utah, New Jersey, and Namibia, but Season 2 could be headed to California in part due to the tax breaks. Or it might not. As Variety reminds us, a show being allocated tax credits to film in California doesn't guarantee that will happen.

As an example, Amazon was given a $25 million tax break to film Season 2 of Citadel in California, but the show eventually exited the tax-break program and will go ahead filming in Toronto.

The California Film Commission's filing also reveals that Fallout Season 2 carries a budget of $153 million in qualified expenditures for the tax-break program. The Season 2 production will employ about 170 cast and crew, if it does indeed go ahead.

GameSpot has contacted Prime Video in an attempt to get more details on Fallout Season 2, which has not been officially announced.

Fallout Season 1 premieres April 10 on Prime Video; be sure to read our Fallout review. For more, check out the gallery below to find out everything you need to know, including how to watch Fallout on Prime Video. You can also grab a bunch of free Fallout games on Prime Gaming right now.

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