Fallout 76 Beta's First PS4 / PC Beta Test Arrives Today

PS4 and PC players will have their first chance to join the beta on October 30.


Beta tests for Bethesda's upcoming online RPG, Fallout 76, continue to take place, but as was the case with the first sessions, they have only been available on Xbox One. PS4 and PC players won't be left out for too much longer, however, as Bethesda has now shared the dates and times for a number of upcoming beta sessions.

Following the two betas that took place this past weekend, Bethesda will hold its first multiplatform beta session today, October 30, making that the first chance PS4 and PC players will have to jump into Fallout 76. As before, the beta will only be accessible during a brief window of time, beginning at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET and ending at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET.

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Three other multiplatform beta sessions are planned throughout the rest of the week; you can see the full list of dates and times below. The reason for such a sporadic schedule, Bethesda says, is to "stress test and break the game," hence why the beta is only accessible during "targeted time frames."

In order to qualify for the beta, you'll need to pre-order Fallout 76 on your platform of choice. Once you've done that, you'll need to follow the steps outlined on Bethesda's FAQ page. If you're playing on PS4 or Xbox One, you'll also need to have an Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus subscription to participate.

Fallout 76 launches on November 14. If you've participated in the beta, you'll be able to carry your progress over to the full game. As another incentive to pre-order the title, players will receive 500 Atoms--Fallout's in-game currency--to purchase cosmetic items from the game's shop. For more, be sure to check out our roundup of everything we know about Fallout 76.

Upcoming Fallout 76 Beta Times

October 27 (Xbox One only)

  • US Pacific Time: 2 PM - 4 PM
  • US Eastern Time: 5 PM - 7 PM
  • UK BST: 10 PM - 12 AM
  • Australia AEDT: 8 AM - 10 AM (Sunday, October 28)

October 28 (Xbox One only)

  • US Pacific Time: 9 AM - 11 AM
  • US Eastern Time: 12 PM - 2 PM
  • UK GMT: 4 PM - 6 PM
  • Australia AEDT: 3 AM - 5 AM (Monday, October 29)

October 30

  • US Pacific Time: 4 PM - 8 PM
  • US Eastern Time: 7 PM - 11 PM
  • UK GMT: 3 AM - 7 AM (October 31)
  • Australia AEDT: 10 AM - 2 PM (October 31)

November 1

  • US Pacific Time: 11 AM - 4 PM
  • US Eastern Time: 2 PM - 7 PM
  • UK GMT: 6 PM - 11 PM
  • Australia AEDT: 5 AM - 10 AM (November 2)

November 3

  • US Pacific Time: 2 PM - 6 PM
  • US Eastern Time: 5 PM - 9 PM
  • UK GMT: 9 PM - 1 AM
  • Australia AEDT: 8 AM - 12 PM (November 4)

November 4

  • US Pacific Time: 11 AM - 6 PM
  • US Eastern Time: 2 PM - 9 PM
  • UK BST: 9 PM - 1 AM
  • Australia AEDT: 5 AM - 12 PM (November 5)

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