Fallout 4 Mod Brings Lightsabers to the Wasteland

Star Wars invades post-apocalyptic Boston.


Fallout 4 offers a vast array of guns and attachments for those weapons, but what it doesn't have are lightsabers. Now it does, unofficially at least, by way of a fan-made mod called Lightsaber Renew

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.Created by invalidfate, the Star Wars mod offers a number of different lightsaber colors (red, blue, green, pink), as well as a version of the iconic sound effects from the movie series. As you can see in the video above, melee combat sequences with lightsabers look quite impressive.

A full set of instructions for how to get this mod up and running on PC is available here on NexusMods (via Kotaku).

This isn't the first time Fallout and Star Wars have come together. Earlier this month, a dedicated Fallout 4 player built a massive AT-AT using the RPG's settlement tools.

Fallout 4's lightsaber mod is just the latest example of the Fallout community's creativity and commitment. Other examples include this video of basketball trick shots and characters based on people like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Nigel Thornberry.

In other Fallout 4 news, a Russian gamer has sued Bethesda over his "addiction" to the RPG.

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